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How long do cheap clothes last you?

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    How long do cheap clothes last you?

    I've always heard that cheaper clothes from Target, Old Navy and etc are not worth their low costs due to not lasting long. However, in my own personal experience, as long as I'm taking care of my cheaper clothes correctly they can last pretty long. I still have some basics I picked up from Old Navy from a few years back that I wear regularly with no problems. Anyone else have this same experience?


    Yeah when talking about cheap clothes not lasting, people tend to come across like the clothes will literally disintegrate after 1 year's time.

    I still have almost all of my "cheap" clothes and never threw them out because of lack of quality. I guess if you wear them all the time and wash them constantly, it will begin to show, but I wore them every once in a while and never had a problem with Old Navy and Target. In fact, a cheap $10 Old Navy sweater I got years ago is still holding up strong.



      I have and still wear occasionally a Banana Republic dress shirt thats a little over 10 years old I'd say they can hold up pretty well if you're careful. I wash everything cold, dry on delicate setting, and only use aggressive stuff to spot treat stains, so I think that helps to increase the life of things. Not that Banana Republic is necessarily cheap by any means but its not miles above Old Navy/Gap. Food for thought.



        Actually, its not far from the truth. I wore old navy jeans for years but every single pair, almost a year to the day, the knees would just split wide open. I wasn't rough in these jeans, just wore them casually.

        I also love 1MX shirts from express, but they tend to only last about a year or so as well before the construction seriously begins to wilt and break down. Collars get janky, edges and fabric fold areas fade real bad. I love the fit but im going to have to move on because im replacing hundreds of dollars worth of shirts in a years time.



          I'm moving on from the 1MX shirts too. I've found it's worth it for me to step up to the lower end Nordstrom offerings which I can get in true fitted size. The 1MX wrinkles like crazy and the quality is not that great at all. They stain at the drop of a hat and even oxy clean can't save them.



            Cheap clothes don't last me very long at all with frequent use.

            It's for this that if I'm going to buy something as a 'fun' piece I make it cheap. If I don't use it often, it will take its time getting worn down. For things I wear a lot I try to go for higher quality.



              I will try new things cheaply before investing in higher quality pieces to make sure that I like it and truly wear it all the time. Although there are some cheap brands that are made well and last a while. Uniqlo I've heard is this way. For me the Target dress shirts are this way as well. If you get them tailored they fit perfectly and have a substantial weight to them.



                Ounce are you referring to the Calibrate or just the slim fit regular nordstrom stuff?



                  Calibrate, slim fit Nordstrom brand, Michael Kors, and if on sale or too good to pass up, Hugo Boss. The Nordstrom brand stuff is definitely good quality, good level of thickness to the weave, doesn't feel cheap.



                    Nice. I'll have to try them out. I got one shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt on sale and its made extremely well and fits well. Not as well as 1MX but not far off., and was only 35$.



                      Yeah, I'll buy cheap pieces in things that last better (shorts, jeans) or that I'm going to replace more frequently anyway (underpants, undershirts), etc.

                      For shoes I want to get well made pairs that will last and age with grace.

                      Some things I've learned are worth investing in, like sweaters. Cheap sweaters don't last me long at all if they're wool or cashmere, whereas I bought a vintage Pringle of Scotland cashmere sweater that's probably 10 years old and is nicer than my new sweaters.

                      I'm also looking at resale value for my clothes, since I'd like to be able to resell them if I want to get something else. Cheap stuff like Old Navy is basically worth nothing after you take the tags off and wear it the first time, whereas if I buy a used Hickey Freeman sportcoat it's worth pretty much the same even after I've worn it for a season.



                        It depends. I've certainly run into examples of low cost clothing that lives a short life. I've also run into high-cost clothing that does the same. The right items are a godsend. The opposite is true in both cases, too.

                        A great example of low price but good quality, in my experience, are the Mossimo athletic cotton/poly blend tees at Target. Mine are going strong. Meanwhile, most Banana Republic tees that I've owned (including basics, pima cotton, stretch, and ringers) don't last nearly as long despite their considerably higher cost.

                        There's no ultimate law governing these things outside of that of individuals wanting to justify their personal purchasing decisions.



                          For me, the quality I'm willing to accept is directly proportional to how often I intend to wear a particular item and the function it serves. For most things like shirts, that means I won't accept less than about Banana Republic quality.

                          However, for things like ties that get a lot of rotation and aren't worn everyday, I've certainly got some no-names in the mix. Also, I've got a couple cheap work shirts and sport shirts since I'll only wear them on the weekend in particular seasons. If I pay $12 dollars for one and it lasts me 10 times, that's two or three years worth of use.

                          For shoes, I used to burn through a pair of Kenneth Coles every 1.5 years or so, but they would look pretty awful for the last 6 months. I'm slowly but surely replacing all of that stuff with Allen Edmonds and English makers that could last 10 times longer or more for only two or three times the price.

                          Unlike JC, I don't factor resale value into a purchase because I will generally keep something until I've destroyed it. I still have a Structure houndstooth sport coat that I wore to my Dad's wedding to my step-mom... 16 or 17 years ago. The ONLY reason I don't wear more often it is because it's a bit baggy on me.



                            I've never had "cheap" clothes fall apart on me. One pair of jeans in my regular rotation is a pair of Levi's Authentics that I got from Target about 3 years ago. They're still in fine shape, though the fabric feels a little thin compared to my newer and "better" jeans. All the shorts I own are from Target. Not to mention all my underwear - the Evolve stuff, which has proven to be rock solid. I haven't had to throw any of my Evolve underwear away even as I've cycled through my stuff in other brands. In fact this past year I stopped buying other brands all together. I've also got a blazer from H&M and a few shirts from Target, H&M, and Old Navy.

                            The only time I ever had cheap clothes get wrecked on me was in college - but I don't blame it on the clothes. My jeans (from Old Navy, American Eagle, etc) would get the bottom hem chewed up and discolored, mostly because they were too long to begin with, but also because of the sheer amount of de-icer that I walked through on campus every day. The rest of the pants were fine, just the bottom hem near the heel got wrecked.




                              +1 on the Evolve underwear