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Looking dapper while dancing?

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    Looking dapper while dancing?

    I've recently started learning how to dance (East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop) and it's pretty fun. However, I've been wondering what is good to wear when dancing? When you think about it, it's an activity where you can get hot and sweaty at times but athletic clothes are not appropriate. So I wanted to ask for those dapper folks who dance, what do you wear while doing it? Also, what types of shoes are good?


    If you're doing east coast swing and lindy, you should definitely get some spectators... These look pretty awesome:



      @Jason Wow! Those are really nice but way outside my price range. Any more affordable options?



        Might be for a (slightly) different type of dancing, but I would go with this:


        On a more serious note, I usually just go with usual clothes in lighter fabrics. I'm definitely a fan of vests, as they let the arms vent a little more.

        As for shoes, anything with good support and cushioning works, or even a designated dancing shoe.

        I'm definitely a fan of the spectators, though...



          Well, there's these:

'air_colt on'_spectator_wingtip_oxford:395209&cm_pla=shoes:m enxfords&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:referralID=NA&mr:tracking Code=A1DBEBFF-CF63-E111-8435-001517B1882A

          But I'd search eBay for them.... put this search into the box, then drill into men's shoes and filter by your size:

          spectator (ferragamo, prada, "bruno magli","oak street", rancourt, quoddy, "edward green", peal, "brooks brothers", alden, lingwood, lobb, vass, testoni, edmonds, mcafee, church, hermes, crispin, zegna, santoni, faconnable, ferragamo, sutor, mantellassi, "shell cordovan", "purple label", trickers, grenson, crockett, gravati, kiton, tramezza, sargent, weston, lattanzi, heschung, balint, scafora, valextra, branchini, bontoni, bemer, aubercy, corthay, Dinkelacker, "paul stuart", asprey, tods, etro, sander, carmina, albaladejo, "paul smith", martegani, altan, artioli, barrett, bestetti, stefanobi, borgioli, cheaney, cleverly, ducker, donegan, gaziano, guyot, klemann, loake, maftei, melkersson, moreschi, materna, meier, myhre, pape, peron, petrocchi, reiter, scheer, schneider, stanislas, suzuki, crisci, ugolini, vogel, yanko, tyrwhitt, shipton, heneage, "ralph lauren") -sneaker* -canvas* -flop* -trainer* -sandal* -chaps -tennis



            That's great that you're learning how to dance! I'm a professional dancer and I teach classes as well. For the outfit, I would definitely go with light fabrics that breath. A vest is definitely better than a suit jacket. And know that whatever you wear will probably get sweat stains around the collar. I've ruined tons of expensive dress shirts from Thomas Pink, etc.

            Swing isn't my specialty but I do know that you need a shoe with a leather sole. Rubber soles could lead to some bad knee and hip twisting problems. Real swing shoes have a raw leather sole that's soft and kinda flexible. I don't think they're too expensive and if you're into it, it would definitely be worth the investment.



              No offense, but I find that brown and white combo incredibly ghastly. Dancing is about letting loose. Wear something you feel completely comfortable in.



                @frost you also like black shoes... to each his own. Spectators are a traditional American shoe design that were very popular in the 20's and 30's. Coincidentally the lindy hop is a traditional American dance style from the 20's and 30's.



                  I could have sworn the traditional Spectators were black & white and yes, I am a shoe racist




                    There's a guy on our ballroom dance team who wears pretty much these exact same shoes, except the black and white are switched. He is also the Treasurer of the Swing Club, so I think he knows what he's doing. You are going to want a suede sole without a doubt.

                    In terms of everything else, I would just go with suit separates.