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Summer suiting and sports coats.

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    Summer suiting and sports coats.

    Winter's almost over and I'm already anticipating the soul-crushing heat that will follow (I live in the desert). We average 90-105 every day for most of the year.

    That being said, I'd like to find a couple of lightweight, breathable suits and sports coats that I can wear in the heat without risking death-by-sweat. Does anyone have any recommendations?


    I feel your pain (quite literally). I'm working on the same thing right now.

    1.) Linen is an option since it breathes so well. A linen/cotton blend will stay neater throughout the day, though.

    2.) Seersucker is another option if you can pull off the look since the weave doesn't cause the fabric to lay flat against the skin. It's cotton so it won't be as heavy as wool can be.

    3.) Then there are cotton suits. Look for jackets that are either unlined or half lined. If you're buying cotton twill, make sure you're buying in person or can return it in case it's too heavy.

    4.) Lastly, there ARE wool summer suits (though I use the term loosely). Again look for something unlined or half lined.

    The only boardroom-appropriate option above would be wool. Everything else is more casual.



      ... and if you already knew all that and were just looking for specific retail items, just ignore everything I just said. :-P



        Alan, thank you. I've worn linen in the past, but I get frustrated by how easily it wrinkles. Seersucker strikes me as an old man fabric, but it is a good idea. Have you been able to find a cotton or cotton/linen suit that doesn't make you sweat in the heat?

        Wool suits in the summer are for the insane.



          I have this problem as well, being in near triple digit temps for most of the summer months. Being that my attire requires what Alan has labeled "boardroom" appropriate limits me on the specific cloths I am able to wear.



            FWIW, there is such thing as tropical weight wool which is specifically designed for... well... tropical climates. It's basically a very, very fine weave and a very thin material. Good luck finding a genuine tropical weight wool from the usual Dappered suit-making suspects, though.

            Indochino's name is mud around here according to at least some folks, but I recall they had a pretty decent selection of cotton and linen suits in a variety of colors last summer (not much currently, other than a couple cotton suits). J.Crew sells linen and seersucker suits - the upside is that they're cheaper than their wool suits, but the downside is that they're still pretty pricey (~$400).




              Check eBay for the stuff Alan was talking about. Buying quality stuff in the upcoming season's weight and styles is prohibitively expensive.



                I won't have an occasion to wear a summer suit to until september. Hoping the summer suits start to go on sale by then.



                  There are a ton of cotton suits out yourself a favor and get a 100% cotton suit if you go for one....several companies put in a poly blend to help with wrinkles; but, it makes the suits less breathable...

                  If you are thinking about seersucker but, excellent choice might be a pincord suit, which is less out there and still vents well.

                  Lands End is a great place to look for both of these....



                    @brush -- linen is supposed to wrinkle (same with cotton, albeit to a lesser extent), just own it. it isn't supposed to look like a wool suit (although those get wrinkles as well).