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    Recent Purchases

    Okay, here is a thread to show off some of our purchases. Perhaps Jason can make it a sticky? I'm waiting for these in the mail right now:

    Got this in white:

    Got these for about $18 shipped with coupon code:


    This could be interesting...

    Here's the pink Brooks Brothers tie I bought from Marshalls on Wednesday for $12:



      Nice Alan. I've picked up a couple Brooks Brothers ties from Marshall's in the past. Great deal.



        Let's see... In the last week:

        Allen Edmonds Kenwood penny loafers from eBay: 4.m1497.l2649

        Picked up a vintage Coach messenger bag from the 80's that was pretty faded and had some pen marks on it... Here it is after some TLC with a nice patina:

        A little discoloration where I took the ink off, but okay...

        And last night I ordered the LEC linen shorts in Fresh Cream multiplaid and Indigo:



          At the beginning of January, I found a BB navy/grey striped tie in wool from Marshalls. It's one of my favorites.

          If it's not out of the way, it's definitely worth popping into Marshalls once a week to see what nuggets you can find. The one in uptown (far from my house) occassionally carries some VERY high end stuff. There's a Kiton tie I really like, but the BB navy chalk stripe suit I was saving up for is unfortunately gone.

          On that note, an employee told me they provide lay-away for anything that's not on clearance. Not too shabby since they so many one-offs and you never know if something will sell while you're trying to save up for it.



            @Jason - That's a pretty sweet messenger bag.



              Yeah, the leather is nice and thick and it comes with lots of personality... and the price was right. Barely fits my Macbook Pro 17" but it'll do for now



                J Crew Aldridge Blazer in Chino/Wheat:

                J Crew Factory Thompson Chino Suit Jacket in Navy: ~~~~~~/38647.jsp

                Ray Ban Meteor in Shiny Havana:

                That's it for this week thus far...the J Crew shipment should hit my door this evening, hoping for success (especially with the unreturnable Aldridge jacket).



                  Nice, JC! If I were looking for penny loafers, the the Kenwoods look like a solid choice. Was the messenger bag a thrift find? Ebay? SF trade?



                    The messenger bag was someone else's thrift find and I bought it off him.

                    @Ounce, those Ray Bans look sweet! I wish I could buy sunglasses easier... I've literally tried on hundreds and only a couple styles look good on me.



                      I gave up on sunglasses a long time ago. I've never found a pair that look good on me. I can only hope to mitigate the awkwardness. :-P



                        Try these, they might work for you... one of the very few that work for me:




                          I like 'em. Maybe I can find them somewhere locally to try them on first. Kind of pricey, though. It's the kind of thing I may put on my b-day wish list.



                            @Alan - These are the RayBan sunglasses I own. Made in Italy and really comfortable. I got them new on Style Forum for like $40 and put prescription lenses in them.




                              They're a bit cheaper on Amazon... I got them for like $104 when I got mine, but now they're higher:


                              I need to get mine fixed