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    Okay, here is a thread to show off some of our purchases. Perhaps Jason can make it a sticky? I'm waiting for these in the mail right now:

    Got this in white:

    Got these for about $18 shipped with coupon code:

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    This could be interesting...

    Here's the pink Brooks Brothers tie I bought from Marshalls on Wednesday for $12:


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      Nice Alan. I've picked up a couple Brooks Brothers ties from Marshall's in the past. Great deal.


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        Let's see... In the last week:

        Allen Edmonds Kenwood penny loafers from eBay: 4.m1497.l2649

        Picked up a vintage Coach messenger bag from the 80's that was pretty faded and had some pen marks on it... Here it is after some TLC with a nice patina:

        A little discoloration where I took the ink off, but okay...

        And last night I ordered the LEC linen shorts in Fresh Cream multiplaid and Indigo:


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          At the beginning of January, I found a BB navy/grey striped tie in wool from Marshalls. It's one of my favorites.

          If it's not out of the way, it's definitely worth popping into Marshalls once a week to see what nuggets you can find. The one in uptown (far from my house) occassionally carries some VERY high end stuff. There's a Kiton tie I really like, but the BB navy chalk stripe suit I was saving up for is unfortunately gone.

          On that note, an employee told me they provide lay-away for anything that's not on clearance. Not too shabby since they so many one-offs and you never know if something will sell while you're trying to save up for it.


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            @Jason - That's a pretty sweet messenger bag.


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              Yeah, the leather is nice and thick and it comes with lots of personality... and the price was right. Barely fits my Macbook Pro 17" but it'll do for now


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                J Crew Aldridge Blazer in Chino/Wheat:

                J Crew Factory Thompson Chino Suit Jacket in Navy: ~~~~~~/38647.jsp

                Ray Ban Meteor in Shiny Havana:

                That's it for this week thus far...the J Crew shipment should hit my door this evening, hoping for success (especially with the unreturnable Aldridge jacket).


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                  Nice, JC! If I were looking for penny loafers, the the Kenwoods look like a solid choice. Was the messenger bag a thrift find? Ebay? SF trade?


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                    The messenger bag was someone else's thrift find and I bought it off him.

                    @Ounce, those Ray Bans look sweet! I wish I could buy sunglasses easier... I've literally tried on hundreds and only a couple styles look good on me.


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                      I gave up on sunglasses a long time ago. I've never found a pair that look good on me. I can only hope to mitigate the awkwardness. :-P


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                        Try these, they might work for you... one of the very few that work for me:



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                          I like 'em. Maybe I can find them somewhere locally to try them on first. Kind of pricey, though. It's the kind of thing I may put on my b-day wish list.


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                            @Alan - These are the RayBan sunglasses I own. Made in Italy and really comfortable. I got them new on Style Forum for like $40 and put prescription lenses in them.



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                              They're a bit cheaper on Amazon... I got them for like $104 when I got mine, but now they're higher:


                              I need to get mine fixed