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    I decided that I needed a rain trench and with Target's 25% off right now- it seemed to be the right time to jump on it esp. for the price and the comments around the web- sounds like a good looking and nice quality trench. Also got the v-neck nautical striped tee, the navy canvas dopp kit and star socks (for free shipping). Bonus is the sock's patriotic theme will go well on the patriotic holidays and look ok for a nautical inspired look too. Maybe the tee and socks under a blue blazer, white chinos and sperry's (rather nautical). White canvas shoes seem like they won't work too well. Maybe the suede wingtips(?) I've been looking for and inexpensive dopp kit for the more austere environments I find myself in. Plus, for $6.25 (current code applied) it seemed like another steal... now I need an inexpensive navy carry-on!
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      Got these beautiful Grenson Rogers off of ebay for a steal, really happy with them! Sure, they are the made in India line, but quality seems more than okay, well built, seems sturdy. The suede is very nice as well, will get a lot of wear this spring and summer.


        @matt: Those are fantastic. Very sleek looking last as well.


          @Matt - Gorgeous shoes! I'm envious.


            @Matt- those are great looking shoes- I imagine the color is better than in the photo.


              Pantofola d'Oro sneakers in leather and in canvas. Killer deal on Vente Privee right now!

              Some Bill's Khakis from STP:


                @fred- The tan ones look good- slightly worn, but good. I hate to say it, the white ones look very much like Supergas- minus the apparent side badging- the heel is slightly different too. I need to try the Bill Khakis - as well as Bonobos- they both seem to be highly regarded.
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                  I ended up going with the Bonobos swim shorts- thanks for the comments by everyone- I figure if these don't work- there's always room to go up. Also grabbed a pair of the Lucky's that were marked down and further reduced by the 40% off sale. I noticed Lucky's aren't favored around here... are they too trendy or too expensive?


                    Finally found a jcp that had, I think, EVERYTHING in store that's online. And a decent selection of sizes, too.

                    Anyway, had to keep spending down, but need to keep getting ready for spring, so came out with a Stafford Prep gingham:

                    and a pair of jcp flat front shorts in the british khaki color:

                    Thanks to what I've learned here, I was able to size down to a medium with the gingham.

                    I was worried the jcp shorts would be a bit too short for my tastes, but they ended up perfectly just above my knee.

                    After finding a GREAT brick & mortar jcp, I'll be incredibly bummed if they don't make it. Definitely going to keep supporting them!


                      Well- I pulled the trigger on the blue weekender... I was looking for canvas (I was so close on the navy Hershel Novel for $79 and even the Frost River) but couldn't pass up the deal on a Ben Sherman (vinyl or vegan-freindly) bag at Loehmann's (?) for $69. Never heard of this retailer- anyone have experience with them? But their 25% off deal and my made it a great deal and all told after teh deals I settled up at $56 (includes shipping) versus the $74 from Overstock or the $109 from Amazon. I figured the Hershel was in the same category, with its material and the all-canvas Hershel just looked too plain for my taste. The Frost River looked good and almost got the nod until I found the Sherman.

                      I compared it to the Hershel and it is 5"s shorter and one review said it was too small as a weekender while others said it's a great weekender. I'll see and report back- but the style and price are what I was looking for so turned out to be a good morning.
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                        Originally posted by piperty View Post
                        Picked up a heather gray v-neck sweater at Gap for $16 on sale. Also got some Capt. America themed socks from Target.
                        @piperty- wow, that's a great price! I never get lucky on those deals! I should have looked harder and held out longer!


                          I had never seen the Ernest Alexander blue chambray reversible bow tie before on Bonobos. Got an email reminder this morning to use up some store credit so I jumped online and there it was. Bought it, went back to the website to show a friend and poof it was gone. Hope it shows up because I really like it.
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                            BR 100% Wool Blazer
                            OTR fit

                            Its a little bit chopped but not so much that I can't stand it.


                              Been meaning to do this for a while, so here goes:

                              Part 1

                              Two Charles Tyrwhitt Extra-slim Fit extreme spread collar shirts. One in royal gingham and the other in sky blue.

                              Two Lands End Canvas lightweight poplin plaid shirts.


                                Part 2

                                Blue stripe jcp oxford

                                Banana Republic light purple linen shirt

                                Banana Republic gray glen plaid pants

                                Allen Edmonds Malvern in brogue suede