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    Couldn't help myself. Last watch purchase for the month!

    First time that I've had to tell the wife to stop me from buying more of something lol.


      This site is really bad for the bankbook- I've been looking for a spring jacket that I can wear into the summer as needed and the military inspired field jackets just aren't doing it for me - I got the JCP Anorak but that's a pretty bold color for me- then I found this... the Schott Deck Parka- regularly $149 down to $75,sc.html
      I ordered it at 8:47 this morning at the extra 25% off and now it's gone. Looks like I wasn't the only one watching that closely and thought it was a great looking jacket.

      Also picked up the Mad Men Pique' polo on the red. The pocket is a bit unique - I normally dislike pockets on polos but this is a certain flair to it- cobbled together multiple discounted gift cards to take a little bit of the bit off the price. It would be nice if JCP/Target/Uniqlo would pick this type of style up - $44 (even $38 after the discounted cards) is a bit much.
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        [QUOTE=TheMimbo;105228]Couldn't help myself. Last watch purchase for the month!

        That's a great looking watch - I have been going back and fourth on the classic black strap/silver watch myself - I really like the Symphony but I've also been eyeing the Citizen eco drive but I've got a Jazzmaster that I could probably switch a black strap on and have the same look for about the amount of money- so do I really need another watch in that category? I'm sure my wife will tell me "NO". Plus, I just got the Bambino in Rose Gold this past Jan and a black strap is ~$30, not the same as the symphony so it makes me think that I need to get a black and silver as well. Maybe I'll have to wait and put it on the nice to have list for X-mas!


          My wife was at the "no" point as well. Orient offers a free dress quartz with purchase, so I suggested that we could give it to her father for his upcoming birthday and she relented! Good ol Orient!


            Grabbed one of these Timex bad boys--had my eye on it for a while, decided to finally pull the trigger today after deciding I was beyond bored of the Weekender (I'd previously had the J.Crew Timex, but it got stolen from my high school gym locker senior year).


              That's pretty sharp. I've wanted to pick up a nice timex, but I'm a seiko man! Lol

              That reminds me of my snzg I have on the way.
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                I see I'm not the only one to get a new Orient Bambino. What a beautiful watch (and I'm not really a watch guy). The domed crystal is so classic. The band is dark brown with lighter brown stitching but it looks darker in these photographs. I was a little afraid that it might look too big on my skinny wrist, but it seems to wear a little smaller than the measurements suggest. I'm very happy with it.


                  Just picked up this new Hickey Freeman sportcoat for $250... MSRP was $1089. Needs a small bit of tailoring.


                    Originally posted by yoyorobbo View Post
                    $51 Runnell update: The Unboxing

                    As part2 of the pre-sale pay-today/pickup-tomorrow deal, I picked them up today.

                    Here's a shot of my beloved hound checking things out first:

                    After she gave the OK, I tried 'em on:

                    They seem to feel and fit much better on my feet than my Clarks DBs. It didn't help that I dorked-up the sizing on those when I bought the Clarks - should have sized-down. Doh! Lesson-learned. I did size down 1/2 with these (from my usual *boot* size, that is) to more of what my more recent dress-shoe sizing is, if that makes sense. FYI & YMMV. Very glad I actually tried them on in-store. I would've probably blindly ordered 11.5 instead of these 11.

                    Anyway, it's early, and I plan to audition them for a little bit on the safe indoor carpet, tile and wood. But initial take says "hellz yeah!"

                    Again gents... Lord&Taylor clearance section, if you are in the market. These above are the tan oiled full grain version (although that's a pretty *dark* tan, IMO). The camel suede pair are on their way from NY, as I type this. Same deal. $51.
                    Thanks for the heads up... decisions! Im tempted, hows the quality?


                      Bought the Herschel Novel for the gym and weekend trips. The watch is a gift for my brother-in-law. Quartz chrono with fabric band, good heft and feels solid.


                        Originally posted by aqwayne93 View Post
                        Thanks for the heads up... decisions! Im tempted, hows the quality?
                        For sure, man. I'm loving these! They run a little long, even when you size down 1/2, but that's the design, really. I just really like the feel (comfy as hell, even though that doesn't sound very comfy), the fit (damn near perfect for my feet, YMMV), and especially the oil nubuck texture - it's like a softer, creamier(?) version of my Clarks Beeswax Bushachres. I have yet to wear the camel suede ones, but I'm sure I will love them equally once the snow melts for good around here.

                        In summary, IMO they rock! I highly recommend them.


                          I have those chukkas in a suede grey that I bought from Sierra trading post a while back for the same price. They are really comfortable. I just wish the toe was more rounded off. It is a bit squarish near the front.


                            Originally posted by RiveDroit View Post

                            Bought the Herschel Novel for the gym and weekend trips. The watch is a gift for my brother-in-law. Quartz chrono with fabric band, good heft and feels solid.
                            Bought that same Herschel last summer and its been my go to for weekend trips back home from school as well as the gym and a few flights since then; has held up really well for me (I had heard that they can fall apart easily)


                              Just ordered a few things here and there:

                              nice bonobos gingham:

                              Going to try these gap pants, hope they look good:

                              Also have that try-on warby parker box on the way. If nice, I can sell my extra ray-bans that have received no wear.


                                Not all of these are new, but 8 of them are have been purchased so far in the last four months or so and I'm definitely done for a while and I'm pretty sure I have a problem

                                From top left to bottom right:
                                AE Sanford in Black (eBay'd)
                                AE McAllister in Black (AE for Brooks Brothers seconds)
                                AE Sanford in Merlot (eBay'd)
                                AE McAllister in Merlot
                                AE Sanford in Walnut
                                AE Fifth Ave in Walnut (AE for Brooks Brothers seconds)
                                AE Modena in Black (eBay'd)
                                AE Shell Cordovan Kenwood (seconds)
                                AE McGraw in Walnut Burnished (seconds)
                                AE McTavish in Black (seconds)
                                AE McTavish in Tan
                                AE Kiowa (seconds)
                                Mantorii custom black plain cap toe oxford (in bag because I don't wear them that often)
                                Hugo Boss chukka wingtip boots (bad weather beaters)
                                AE Sedona in Blue
                                Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star in White, Black and Charcoal

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