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    Is any of the LEC stuff slim fit or fitted? I tried a couple shirts on in the store the other day and absolutely hated the baggy fit. Maybe I need to try the site?

    FYI: I usually wear small in a fitted 1mx or slim fit....



      The shirt I just posted and linked was the only one I would get after trying on 4 different shirts from them. The other 3 I tried were listed as tailored fits, and they were really baggy. However, you missed the sweet sale they had on them, and theyre back to theyre (reduced) full price. Great shirt though. I like it.



        Recent things

        Charles Tyrwhitt PuppyTooth Berry shirt on sale - Fits great, and looks good with my new blazer

        The oft recommended Banana Republic grey cotton blazer - picked this up with 40% off in-store

        Tartan Jcrew secret wash button down - very soft, fits well...great for casual situations

        The carry-on bag from Maxton Men with the little shoe garage - Haven't really tried this one out yet, but will next week when I fly to florida.

        AE MacNeils in Rough Brown - Shipping here currently, can't wait to try them on. From bruchsettas 130$ deal.

        LLBean Navy Twill blazer - shipping as well, hoping the quality and fit is good.



          Just ordered an olive braided belt from The Knottery:


          also added on a couple of their cool felt lapel flowers. I figured I was going to link it on the dappered post talking about surcingle belts so I'd better get my order in first or they'd be sold out



            not very stylish, but with the warmer weather comming in, i will be trading in the treadmill for the concrete jungle, and i have heard of the wonders minimalists shoes have on your gait and posture(not saying i have problems as i am told i have great posture). Anyways copped for 40 bucks...wore them for the first time yesterday just to walk around, was informed to get used to them because they will be different than anything i ever ran in, boy were they right, it feels amazingly sof and responsive

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              @ MaxMan - I started running in minimalist footwear about 3 years ago and I'm so glad I did. I started out with Nike Frees and over the course of about a year and a half, made it down to Vibram Five Fingers. My feet and legs have been injury-free and pain-free ever since, plus I just find that running is more fun when I'm not mindlessly pounding away at the ground.

              Just remember to take things slowly at first and let your body adjust to a new style of running. You will love it!




                @MaxMan - Good deal on those shoes. As Ben R said, if you switch to minimalist running make sure you do it very gradually. I may try minimalist running someday, but until then I'm sticking with my NB stability shoes.



                  With spring and summer coming up I got a pair of canvas shoes.


                  I'd had two other pairs of LL Bean shoes, so I'm hoping for similar quality. When it comes to canvas shoes, there aren't that many options for wide widths.

                  I keep going back and forth about the Florsheim Haviland. I love the style, and besides the deck shoes all I'm wearing now are boots, so I do really need another pair of shoes. They're a little expensive, but I might order them anyway. Any experience with them? How was sizing for you? I heard you need to size down.




                    @Rogin: Have you seen the recent thread about the Allen Edmonds Macneils? They're in this thread. They're higher quality, and right now, they're only $130. The price difference might just be the little push you need. :-)



                      @Alan: Yeah, I emailed them about it, but they don't have any wide sizes in stock, only medium. If they had wides, I would have been on that in a micro-second!



                        @Rogin - I have the Haviland and I love it. It's super comfortable. I take a train to work and have an 8 minute walk from train to office, so a rubber sole shoe is ideal for me, especially in the rain. The Haviland has been excellent so far. If you don't have a need for a rubber sole, then I would recommend the Florsheim Veblen (essentially the same shoe with a leather sole) or the MacNeil that Alan linked. I also ordered those MacNeils to use on the weekends.

                        Edit: Florsheim quality is definitely not equal to AE but great for the price. There is a 20% coupon for Florsheim on retailmenot.



                          I live in the northeast, so with our crazy weather, the rubber sole is a must. I called up Florsheim for advice on sizing, and went with a half size down. I asked and they said I could call them back if the size didn't turn out right and (likely) get free exchange shipping. Good customer service, Florsheim!



                            I'm in Northeast too, so I agree with your choice.



                              These came today:

                              Pretty cool



                                @JC - those are beautiful! Enjoy! Would you wear them with Navy shorts in summer or is that too much of same color?