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    Originally posted by Acousticfoodie View Post
    Picked these up today:

    What brand are those? I like te interior lining on them.


      Originally posted by Dpdk View Post
      @Teej Wow I am very jealous of you right now. I need to find a new pair of black dress shoes and Johnson and Murphy sure makes some nice ones!
      I just got some Black J&M Melton Cap Toes shoes on Amazon for $109 ($175 retail). Goodyear welted. Closed lacing. They're a little stiff out of the box, but they should break in perfectly.


        Teej, years ago my Dad got me some J&M black captoe bluchers that I rarely wore. I had wanted them to be square toe so I was disappointed (!). I rediscovered them this past winter when I was looking to dress nicer, and I realized they were made in Italy, and were made of really nice leather. I love them, and it makes me realize that J&M get a bad rap for their lower end stuff, but you all make great shoes, too. I love mine.


          Hi, new to the forum, as a university student I am highly restricted with financial issues so have to be really tricky about the way I build my wardrobe.

          I went on a bit of splurge last week, feeling it in my stomach now too

          Marlboro Classic grey(ish, brownish) jeans
          Some woolly boot socks
          And a pair of Grenson Sharps off eBay

          (sorry for the crappy picture, camera battery just died)

          The Grensons are the first proper shoes I own, I mean I have some other nice leather shoes but with either a rubber sole, or from a cheap brand (ASOS leather soled Oxfords). And boy, I know they are from the G-Two, the Indian made range, but they are hands down quality. The leather is nice and thick, broke in nicely, the construction feels solid and the fit is almost perfect, because of the wide G fitting they are better with thick socks, but hey, they are boots. Was really lucky I got them less then half off on eBay, sure, they are used, but only lightly.


            i went hard in the paint the last few days.

            target v-neck in camel - surprisingly slim in the body
            target crewneck in green/yellow/blue stripes
            target purple check ultimate dress shirt - been eyeing this for a while, finally had it in stock

            stafford wingtop boots
            jcp purple/navy gingham - the jcp shirts are a great buy IMO, very trim fit
            jcp columbus blue/red stripe

            thrift store:
            jcrew grey check shirt and another shirt
            camel hair blazer - want to say austin reed
            navy jacket - prob a bit too big, was seduced by the thrift store
            brown tweed blazer
            gray tweed blazer
            sid mashburn shirt

            and i bought 3 shirts that i liked the pattern on and cut pocket squares out of them.



              I need some new shoes for work. Just bought these AE Cliftons in walnut off ebay for $130.

              Also bought this John W. Nordstrom trim fit shirt NWT for $19.

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                Over the past few weeks:

                Club Monaco
                Merino Crewneck in Navy
                Merino Crewneck in Camel

                J Crew Factory
                Chambray Workshirt

                Jos A Bank
                Cedar Shoe Trees

                Mossimo Denim Pants in Mustard
                Odin Shawl Collar

                Alpha Khakis in Gravel (replaced the ones I destroyed in my accident!)


                  Some international action!
                  - Custom made tweed suit in Vietnam ($120!!) Will post pics when they arrive, as my parents stayed longer. Also had two pairs of wool trousers made. Fabric choices were mind numbing.
                  - Also some off the rack wool slacks (30 US for both, hemmed)

                  - Uniqlo DB Wool Coat Small. My first Uniqlo purchase. Surprisingly loose around waste for what I read was a smaller frame fit
                  - Beckett Simonson Oxblood Longwings ( Good price, hope they live up to the hype.
                  - A few ties and clasps from Tie Bar. Excited to see them in action!
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                    Wolverine 1000 mile:


                      Nice acoustic. Nice.


                        i really like those wolverines. pretty intrigued to see this vietnam custom suit from rivedroit...
                        My cocktail videos >


                          The Wolverines are incredible.. I'm not a hardcore boot person but when I saw these in Nordstrom a few months ago and from a distance of 10 yards they were unavoidable eye catching. Currently saving up for a pair myself, I've toyed with the cheaper nice looking options ala Sebago boot, the JCP stafford, etc. They don't even come close to how good the Wolverines look once they are all in front of you. Definitely worth saving up for these.


                            Just purchased this. Been wanting this for a long time. Price was finally low enough for me to give in. I Love Gingham.

                            42" Chest 32" Waist 6' Tall 185 lbs.


                              My bonobos "Bucket Rinse" slim-straight Made in the USA selvedge denim arrived today. It's not bad quality stuff, but...

                              I hate the fit.

                              This is a pair of bonobos pants, by God, which should be mirroring the incredible Bonobos chino fit and I'd rather wear my $35 Levi 513s over them. So, so disappointing; definitely a return for me. Guess I'll grab a pair of khakis!


                                @Hon -- that's unfortunate, I love my Bonobos straight leg jeans... they fit pretty close to what the straight leg washed chinos do, in my opinion. I wonder whether its the slim-straight fit denim or the selvedge denim line that's odd.