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    The one thing that would be better about the Macy's card is if the website allowed for the extra discount. Other sites typically allow the "extra discounts when using the store card" stacked on top of the general offers, but never does. Things like that Michael Kors suit would have been just under $150 if it were allowed.

    The other thing is that the website and in store always have some significant differences. I bought two of the same dress shirts (the Calvin Klein STEEL brand) online, and they were marked down to $50 each, with no additional discounts. In the store they were 40% off of retail ($70 regular retail, so that discount right there made them nearly $10 cheaper than the Macy's site did), plus the extra 20% off. I'm just going to return the ones I bought online, unless they're willing to do a price match/adjustment.

    Re: Express polos. The quality of the fitted ones seems to be much better than the standard express polo. I wear mediums, but in the standard polo I used to always have to wear a t-shirt/v-neck underneath, as it would still feel too baggy on me. These are a perfect fit without any undershirt whatsoever (though I do typically wear at least an A-shirt underneath). I've purchase four, but honesty may wind up going back to get a few more for the price point. I'm looking at getting a few of the Lauren custom fits when budget allows, but my previous Express polos have held up well (much better than the 1MX shirts typically do...I have one polo that has last me since 2006, and if I hadn't lost weight it'd still be in rotation). Definitely worth it, IMO, if you are looking for a few polos/spring wear on the affordable side.



      Just got a bunch of shoe care stuff from including Saphir Renovateur, Pate de Luxe, and some suede cleaners.



        Got 2 button-ups for $13 each from Land's End Canvas at the mall today. Sale items are an extra 60% off. I might go back for some more.

        I wanted to get some slim fit cords as well but yet again they were huge in the rear and reallly tight around the calf and ankle. I'm starting to think I have abnormally sized legs. lol



          I need to stop buying things but.... I got an amazing deal on a NWOT Barbour Beaufort on SF so yeah... That's on the way



            I was able to land a medium J.Crew Bayswater Peacoat w/thinsulate in Navy for $130. It may need a bit of tailoring but I feel like I stole the rug from underneath them.



              I went to nordstrom rack today and got some charcoal gray dress pants and blue chino shorts for a total of $15. ...they were kid size 18 and 20. lol kinda embarrassing but whatever. Also found a size 20 hickey freeman suit for $120 that I almost bought. It fit great off the rack.



                @AedanM: Unless you can't afford it right now, you're not going to find another one at that price. Well... Maybe in kids' sizes. :-) I'm actually jealous.



                  Should you buy timeless long lasting pieces sooner rather than later if you can afford it? Seems like everything is getting more and more expensive in the past few years!



                    Recently picked up the Mercanti Fiorentini double monks during the DSW sale. The color and price are spot on. I'm not thrilled by the chisel toe, but it is subtle enough that it didn't bother me too much.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      @Acoustic I'd say yes. What I did was fill in my wardrobe as affordably as I could, and now I'm trying to find excellent pieces when I can get them for cheap.



                        I picked up all of these ties at Express for $11 a piece a couple of days ago:


                        Sorry, my phones camera sucks and I didn't have my camera at home

                        Went sale section shopping at the mall today:

                        JCrew merino v-neck sweater in charcoal melange. Picked up for $30 on sale in store:

                        Have another merino vneck from express. The JCrew feels far superior in quality. Time will tell.

                        Secret Wash button-down shirt in Donnan tattersall. Picked up for $40 on sale in store. Not really cheap for "on sale", but I couldn't help myself:



                          I bought a herringbone vest from Rugby for $75 recently. Debating whether I should keep it or buy a vest from H&M or Topman.



                            My Lands End Selvedge purple gingham shirt came in, and I must say, it fits a TON better than any of the other Lands End shirts I have ordered over the last couple weeks. I am returning all of them due to their extreme boxyness, said for this shirt, which actually fits rather well.


                            Really wish I would have got the black one also during the $29 sale



                              I wonder if my LE order will arrive today. Looking forward to that purple gingham shirt!



                                Got a couple of chinos from LEC during their recent sale, they arrived today and they fit me great (I'm usually a 36 but sized down to 34 for these).