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    Oh, just to be clear... I didn't find that at Goodwill. In case that was confusing. The watch was sort of an early graduation present to myself :P I purchased it elsewhere. Still a good deal though.


      Going to an antique store with my mother is always more fun when I find a vintage fedora in my size


        Just got the two AE blazer I ordered in the mail and they are surprisingly nice. Much better than the J. Crew Factory Herringbone I got last week. It's definitely going back. See here for comparison:


        AE Wool Navy Blazer XS


        AE Tweed XS


          Dude, those are super nice. I especially like the tweed.


            Looks good nftmlk, may I ask you for you measurements? I'm 5'7, 130lb and the small in store fit good but I think XS would be better as I had some extra room in the chest. Hoping for a AE coupon code or even wait till BF but I'm sure to get either one or both.

            [EDIT: I saw your post in the gap thread, I think it should fit me well]


              Another user posted a 15% off code for AE, 86277041. Expires today 8/31.

              5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist


                @JLee1469 I'm about your size (5'6", 130 pounds), here's how the wool in XS looks on me.


                Sleeves are way too long, not sure how the tailor will be able to tailor the sleeves with the stitching around the buttons.


                  AE has 30% off everything in-store today (at least, the store in my local mall did).



                    Sale is good at too. I'm tempted to grab all of their new blazers :P


                      Bought 4 of those miniature horsehair daubers, dark brown and black shoe creams, and neutral shoe polish during the recent AE accessories sale for $14 shipped. I had cleaned and conditioned (lexol) my Sebago Hamilton's last week (after almost a year of rough, very frequent wear in rain, mud, dirt, and on the water) and while the cleaning and conditioning helped restore some much-needed softness to the leather I really wanted to bring back that beautiful dark brown that had since lightened up a lot. Used the dark brown shoe cream on them today (I don't think it's intended for boots but whatever) and then buffed after letting it dry. I'm so happy with the results!

                      Also used the CT 4 for $200 deal combined w/ the living social deal to get 4 shirts for $38.50ish apiece. 3 Extra Slim and 1 Slim Fit. With free returns/exchanges, I'll be able to swap out the 3 or the 1 that don't fit and replace them quickly. Good way to overhaul my shirts.


                        Socks, because, you know, I like socks.


                          Nice socks Jessy, I've got a bit of a sock addiction so I instantly looked up Simons after seeing those.


                            Picked up some sunglasses for drive down to LA. I'm liking these a lot, they fit my face pretty well. ($60)

                            And you can't go wrong with some cool socks. ($3 each I think)


                              I've been checking out Dappered for a while and finally decided to join. So this is my first post here! I figured some recent purchases would be a good way to join the conversation. I should say that these might not be super interesting purchases, but I'm just starting to really try and build my wardrobe so cut me some slack!


                              Brown Leather Belt -

                              Black Leather Belt -

                              American Eagle:

                              Rope Bracelet (which I prompted ripped the AEO logo off of) - 22


                              White OCBD -

                              Blue OCBD -

                              Admittedly took a risk with the Asos stuff. We'll see how the quality and fit turn out.


                              Alpha Khaki in Gravel - arentPage=family


                              Weekender with Blue/Gray Strap -


                              Power Reserve Blue on White -

                              I don't know what your guys' stance on homage watches are, but it certainly is a looker for the budget minded individual!


                              Burgandy V-Neck (needed a lazy/around the house shirt) -

                              Grey Military Cardigan -

                              Navy Double Breasted Cardigan -

                              I know H&M quality is lacking, but I really liked the styles and the way these pieces fit me, so I went with it.

                              Anyway, tl;dr - I joined Dappered and bought new stuff! Good times.


                                Welcome, how's the gravel color on the Alpha Khakis? I love my basic tan colored ones, and I'm looking to expand a bit.