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    Here's the searsport flannel suit:

    You can't see it too well in the pic but I think they hemmed the pants a little too long, as well. Might get them shortened at the same time I get the sleeves shortened. I'm pleased with the overall fit, though.




      Old navy slim fit polos in salmon, white, and charcoal, $7 x 3

      LEC garnet gingham shirt, multi-check poplin $29 x 2 H=IDX_men-_-shirts-&origin=index

      3 oarsman polos from jcrew factory in butter, farmhouse green, faded teal, $18~ each 5~~~~~~~/12048.jsp

      1901 wing it oxford from nordstrom in charcoal, $100

      Dockers alpha khakis, grey, british khaki, smokey aqua, $30 x 3

      Seiko 5 SNK807K2 - $54 ts_id=&bo_store_id=1&promotion_code=WOWTV022412163 281302

      Narragansett chestnut belt to match my recently purchased strands - $44

      I lost a lot of weight recently and I’m revamping my wardrobe. Went a little crazy this past week..



        Feel sort of embarrassed to type up all I've splurged on this month...

        First off, I got two J. Crew Ludlow suits at 20% off. Bought a few dress shirts, ties, and socks to complement the two suits. Also a few sweaters. Bought a pair of Allen Edmonds off EBay for about half price. Still looking for a pair of black "workhorse" shoes, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

        The big splurge was on a Dark Coffee Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase. Got it tonight, and boy was it worth it. It feels like a bulletproof vest and the smell fills my room (in a good way). I'm sure it's the one and only bag I'll need for the start of my career.

        For anyone wondering, I'm currently in college (sophomore) and got an internship at a firm starting the last week of this month, so I needed to get started on building a respectable wardrobe. I'm extremely grateful that they'll be compensating me as good as any job ever could at this stage. So hopefully I can help my parents out with expenses and save a little to treat myself. all in all, thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions. Here's to many more years on Dappered!



          I was planning on buying the new RayBan Meteors but they didn't fit my face. I ended up buying these Fossil Nicks that were very similar. Really like them!



            Well, I just got the LEC Heavyweight Oxford Workshirt in the mail yesterday and I'm pretty disappointed. The thing fits me like a frickin' box. Way too wide in the torso. I'm surprised because the Chambray Workshirt I recently bought fits great, nice and slim. Oh well, at least there is a Sears close by.



              I just ordered the Oak Street Bootmakers navy suede boat shoes. It hurt a little bit but I'm excited to get them.



                Been on quite a roll lately. Picked up a couple of pairs of Hook + Albert laces from the Gilt sale, have two new Old Try prints on the way, and picked up a pair of Billy Reid D-Ring loafers from their warehouse sale yesterday.

                I need to slow things down, but the mention of Navy Oak Street Boat Shoes has me lusting for a pair of my own...thanks JC.



                  Haha You're welcome!

                  Yeah, they're very tempting... slowly wore me down



                    It doesn't help matters that George is so easy to deal with. Just a great guy with some great products.



                      AE Walnut Strands are on the way (currently a short wait for 13Ds)

                      I just received a small load of basics from Gap and Banana Republic. Some new boxers shorts (that's right, firehose youtube video be damned) and some argyle socks.

                      I'm very much contemplating buying an Orient Black Ray and a couple of NATO straps this weekend.



                        @ RH do it. Guarantees to love them. Congrats, JC.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          Stopped by Macy's on the way home from work, and wound up with some deals. I have a Macy's card, so they gave me an extra 20% off of the sale prices.

                          2 Calvin Klein STEEL Non-Iron Slim Fit Dress Shirts (one white with very fine, nearly invisible stripes, the other charcoal). After One Day Sale and extra discount, $33 each. Retail is $70.

                          3 ties, as they had a huge table of closeouts/clearance for $12.99. Various brands, various patterns, and I scored two Calvin Klein ties and a Kenneth Cole Reaction tie, all for $10 each.



                            Oh, and stopped by Express to try out the fitted polos. They're buy 1, get 1 for $19.90, but I had a coupon for 40% off a full priced item (which you can combine with the offer). Both polos together with that cost me $35.



                              @Zach: I keep forgetting I have a Macy's card back from when we made out wedding registry there. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I'm in the market for a suit (assuming I can find one there I'm satisfied with).



                                Have the quality of Express polos improved?

                                I have a few from a few years back and they feel cheaper. I started wearing Ralph Lauren POLO custom fits but i recently got a JCREW slub that feels great and has no logo. I think it may be my new go-to brand for polos.