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    For sunglasses, I usually stick with classic tortoise New Wayfarers, but I'm thinking of getting these in the next week or two to have something that's a little more in your face.

    The brown-to-grey gradient is what I think will look pretty cool. Hoping a sunglasses hut has them in stock so i can take a look.



      Picked up these shirts on Monday using the SixPack code and some credit I had:

      All American Pink Stripe

      Kips Bay

      Scotch Neat - Blue



        any thoughts on these, gents?



          Those are mighty sexy, if they look good on your face. They'd look horrible on me though.



            Those are cool glasses, but you run the risk of looking awfully hipster-ish if you haven't got the right overall style and face shape to pull them off in a non-ironic way.

            I need to get a new Rx soon and I'm thinking of getting one of the Warby Parker styles. Leaning toward these ones, but I've got 5 pairs on the way through their try-at-home thing. But for Rx sunglasses, I might just stick with Costco - I saw some decent-looking aviator frames there for something like $40, and getting the lenses there is usually pretty cheap ($50-70 IIRC).




              They look good on my face, and I don't dress particularly hipstery so I'm not worried about that. Thanks guys!



                @hornsup - for future reference, if you use the LEC online chat they'll usually price match if something you bought goes on sale within 2 weeks (not sure of the exact rules). Probably missed your chance for yesterday's sale, but you could still give it a try, nothing to lose!



                  @Alan - definitely not full price -- just $30-something instead of $29.

                  @Trash -- that's good to know, thanks for the tip!



                    Busy eBay morning this morning!

                    Polo RL blue seersucker pants:


                    Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece silk blend sportcoat




                      @JC those pants are great. I own a pair in the exact color. They look great with a polo and brown loafers.



                        Man you guys really find some gems on ebay.

                        As far as sunglasses, I also have a hard time finding ones that fit my face and look ok.

                        I picked up a pair of Makaha's last year, my Maui Jim




                          You guys must have a round face like me 'cause those rectangular, horizontal shapes are the only ones I can wear



                            @JC - I think something like the RE Aviator (or their cheaper cousin the AO Pilot sunglasses) and the RE Intruder can look good on almost any face.

                            my purchases for the week:

                            AE Larkin -

                            I needed a pair of rubber sole dress shoes for my train commute to work because leather soles aren't great when you are running to catch a train.

                            Orient Union -

                            been thinking about getting this one since Joe posted it on Dappered and finally ordered on 2/29 since I read here that Orient 50% off codes were going away.

                            LEC Selvedge Shirt -

                            Bought on 2/29 when on sale for $29 in both colors and will return to store whichever I like less.



                              In the last few weeks...

                              - Ray-Ban New Wayfarers in the smaller 52mm size. ~$65 sold by and shipped from Amazon, not from a 3rd party seller. It's difficult to find sunglasses that both fit and look good on me. The standard 55mm size was just too big. These are fantastic.

                              - Seiko SNZJ59K1 watch. Dappered featured it and I received it as a birthday gift. Beautiful watch, though the loose bezel crown is a bit irritating. I love it.

                              - GNRC for AEO Canvas sneakers in Navy. I dig the subtle twist on Chuck Taylor's. $20 shipped.

                              - Neiman Marcus Brass Collar Stays. $13 shipped. Great quality, something like 8-10 pairs. This is my first step into replacing cheap-o collar stays.

                              - LEC Refined Chinos in Stone Grey and the White Selvedge Poplin shirt from the $29 sale. They're not here yet and sizing on their pants is really spotty for me, so we'll see.



                                @Jason - Great deal on those seersucker pants!