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    Went over to Macy's for the one-day sale. Picked up two t-shirts for $10 each. There wasn't really anything else that I wanted in my price range. Ugh, I'm just a terrible shopper.


      Went to jcrew factory today and made some good buys.

      Got 2 polos for $8/each, some linen/cotton pants for $15, and a navy cotton blazer for 87.

      Overall, did pretty well today.


        Also went to jcrew factory

        Picked up some light blue cotton Bedford pants for $15 and a blue gingham washed shirt for $11

        (Sorry about the size of the pictures, I'm new to posting them)


          After my disappointing trip to Macy's, I tagged along on a trip to BR. Picked up some much nicer stuff.

          Uploaded with

          Pants: Classic Fit in olive. Closest match I found online is this, but in reality they're much darker than both my picture and their's shows.

          Shoes: Gibson driver. I like the way the leather looks, but I'm not totally sold on them yet. They look a little weird with shorts, and they're not the most comfortable for walking (which I have to do a lot of at school)

          Oh, and forgot to mention I can get a discount through my brother, so it was under $100 total.


            Just won this bad boy on ebay for 59$ shipped... It's a beautiful watch and the sea-gull movement is pretty good.

            There was a post on the GQ blog with a bond style strap that really made me inclined on getting one. I was looking for a dress watch and I loved the bulova profiled on this site before but it is so damn tiny for my wrists..

            The GQ shot:


              where can i find that color strap for that parnis watch?



                  The only place I could find a Navy-Gray James Bond Style NATO strap was this ebay listing:


                  Although, I'm not sure it's the same.

                  This strap looks pretty decent as well:



                    Would this be the strap that was featured by GQ on the Parnis?



                      Here's another navy/gray NATO:



                        More than I probably should be spending lately, but today:


                        in the navy, as well as a pair of the $3.50 plum chinos (can't find link) and some socks. With the $20 off code and free shipping, all in was $63 and change.

                        Also took advantage of the BB sale and got some 7" inseam shorts that are amazing, but I need to size up one size (got greedy/wishful).




                              Lots of recent purchases for me

                              Grabbed these from J. Crew last week during the 30% off sale.

                              1. Navy Blue Madras Plaid Shirt (no link): Really soft and light. Seems like the perfect summer shirt.
                              2. Factory Oarsman Button-down Oxford Shirt in Shoreline Blue: darker than it looks on the site. Lighter weight than expected. Less substantial than LEC Heritage Oxford.
                              3. Secret Wash Lightweight Shirt in Van Buren Gingham (Hampton Purple): Nice lavender color. Really lightweight and smooth feel.
                              4. Navy Blue Plaid Tie in the exact same pattern as the madras shirt.

                              These four shirts are from Nordstrom, all had for half off.

                              1. Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress Shirt: Super soft twill fabric. The stripes aren't just straight up blue; they've got some texture/pattern to them.
                              2. Calibrate Slim Fit Dress Shirt in Light Blue: pretty much the perfect fit for a dress shirt. The blue is a little darker than expected, but still light. The texture is interesting, maybe end on end?.
                              3. Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress Shirt: A thin tattersall but it's made up of two black/grey lines instead of one. You can only tell up close. Nice feel to the fabric. A little more roomy than the Slim Fit.
                              4. Calibrate Trim Fit Dress Shirt in Purple micro-check: Same fabric as the tattersall shirt. I like the color and the pattern.

                              Also bought this belt from Amazon.

                              It's from Orion Leather. The leather is really thick and sturdy; I'm still breaking it in. The color is great and will go well with Walnut AE Player's Shoe.

                              Bought this tie on Lands End Canvas as well.

                              Stripes are perfectly thick, width is good and and the knit construction is solid.


                                I had been looking for a brown-ish shirt forever and I found one on last call..


                                It's a brown/white textured check that looks a little subtler than a Gingham, which makes it OK for me to wear to work on a day that's not friday.

                                @BJ .. I love Lands End Knit Ties. Perfect width (Knottery ones are too wide IMO) and well crafted (Tie Bar ones are too thin). That one looks great.

                                What do you think about the Nordstrom Trim Fit vs. Calibrate Slim Fit vs. Calibrate trim fit? How do those 3 stack up against each other. I have a couple of trim fits and I like the material/make (I have the exact same shirt in light blue. Interesting texture indeed)