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J Crew Factory Cotton Thompson Blazer Care

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    J Crew Factory Cotton Thompson Blazer Care

    So I need to clean the blazer, but can not find care instructions. Does it require dry cleaning or can it be put in the washer? If it is washer safe I would wash it separate on the gentle style in cold water with a Free detergent. I don't mind spending the money on dry cleaning but feel that it can compromise clothing some times.



    What about it needs cleaning? Is there a stain or what?

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      Your washer will be way harder on it than a dry cleaning



        The website description says dry clean.

        You want to avoid washing things because it puts wear and tear on the fibers and costs money. I recently picked up this:

        With one side, you can brush off crumbs and with the lint brush, you can pick up fine little pieces. Always run the lint brush against its grain. With some lint brushes, you can brush it with the grain on a rag or something to get the debris out, but it didn't work for me with this one, so I just picked it out by hand. Lint rollers with disposable sticky sheets work better and faster, but I'm trying to go green.

        Anything left like small bits of food stuck on, etc., I just get a little water and rub out the dirt. Eventually, you have to surrender and get it dry cleaned, but a least you kept it presentable along the way.



          The only thing that is missing Nick is a spork on the end of the shoe horn. All in 1 has a whole new meaning.



            If you have a steamer, steam it yourself. Spot-clean with a solution of 1/2 distilled vinegar and 1/2 water. Get a garment brush (which can just be a clean shoe buffing brush) and brush the jacket down after every wear to physically remove dust, lint, hair, dandruff, tiny crumbs, etc.

            I wouldn't get it dry-cleaned unless it is legitimately dirty. Dry-cleaning, contrary to both its name and its reputation, is neither dry, nor any gentler on your clothes than regular washing. The process of dry-cleaning is actually almost identical to normal washing except the machines are bigger and the solvent is a chemical compound (usually tetrochloroethylene, which, by the way, also happens to be a carcinogen) instead of water. Plus your stuff is getting washed with everyone else's stuff and whatever happens to be on it. I once received a jacket back from the cleaner completely covered in long, black hair. Gross.

            Rather than having it dry-cleaned, take it to your cleaners every so often to get it steamed and pressed.




              Would it be safe to de-wrinkle the blazer with an iron on a low setting or with a towel layered between?



                Cotton usually requires the highest heat setting. Not sure if there's a finish on the fabric that could be damaged. Getting it pressed would be a safe option. At the cleaners, be sure it's for pressing only, no cleaning. Usually pressing a suit is the most expensive part because it's done by hand instead of a robot for your shirts.

                You can also buy a home steamer. Or hang it in the bathroom while you shower.



                  I'd also ask why you need it cleaned.

                  When my jacket/pants came in they were terribly wrinkled, but didn't need to be cleaned. I put the shower on as hot as it would go, closed the door, and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Nearly all of the wrinkles came out. Went over a few rough spots with an iron and that was that.



                    Sorry for the late reply. Thank you all for the advice. The blazer is not really dirty but there is one slight stain near the shoulder. I am sure I can fix that. I really do need to get that garment brush Nick posted and a good steamer. What do you guys suggest?



                      BenR just saw a $35 one at Costco.