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L.L. Bean Sig New Traditional Twill Blazer

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    L.L. Bean Sig New Traditional Twill Blazer

    Joe gave this jacket (or suit if you buy the matching pants) a rave review last spring, and not only is it still around a year later, but now it's marked down to $90. With the pants also marked down to $35, that's just $125 (and free shipping) for what apparently is a great summer suit.

    Compared to the J. Crew factory suit Joe just reviewed, a big positive for me is the wider lapels, since Ludlow-sized lapels just look too narrow to me on a 44 jacket. The risk I'm taking is that at 6'4" I always need a 44L jacket and they don't offer tall sizes, but since practically every review says the sleeves are too long, I figure I have a decent chance at a good fit. It's not final sale anyway, so really I'm only risking a $6.50 return shipping fee.

    No idea how long this will remain on sale, but it's definitely worth a look if you're in the market for either a summer suit or just a casual cotton blazer to wear with jeans. I'll post again next week if I need fit advice or if anyone is interested in seeing how it looks out of the box.


    I own the the Navy Blue version, so a couple of tidbits.

    1) You may want to size down. I went with a 36 instead of my typical 38, and I am very glad I did. The jacket runs big.

    2) So people have complained that the Navy Blue blazer and pants don't quite match. I did not find this to be true.

    3) Be prepared to spend a little more on tailoring. The pant legs are a bit wide. Many reviewers on LL Bean signature note this. I had to get the legs tapered by my tailor.

    Overall, I love the suit. The blazer is easily one of my top 3 worn blazers and I wear the pants by themselves all the time. The suit cost me $200 total ($125 to buy, $75 for tailoring) and I have worn both the blazer and the pants enough to justify spending 3-4 times that,



      That looks only slightly better than the dreaded merona blazer. I guess my search for an affordable twill blazer that looks halfway decent continues.



        I really wanted to like the suit when I got it, but I just couldn't. I am a 40 in many brands, I sized down to a 38 and it was still quite large.

        If you want a fitted suit, be prepared to pay for tailoring. Not that that is a bad thing, just factor that into the cost. For me it would have been: lengthen sleeves, take in waist, taper pant legs, and lengthen pant legs a bit.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I also own this suit. The blazer fits well, and even the longer sleeves don't bother me. They are almost an inch longer than my other jackets, but it's not noticeable on me. The pants however are very billowy for me, and I will soon have them tailored.

          I ordered the lightest khaki color, and wear the blazer all the time. I would just buy it alone, unless you want to spend a bit more to tailor the pants to your liking.



            Hey Somaticmarker and other guys who own the blue version, do you mind posting a pic of how it looks in real life? It seems very faded on the site...



              @Jordan: Have you taken a look at the J Crew Factory Thompson Chino jacket? I have one coming in today and it seems to maybe be a bit of a step up if you're looking for something a bit nicer (though pricier).



                I have both of these jackets, and the Bean is most definitely a cut above. I had to size down as well, and the fit now works. Proportions are great on me. The materials is thicker and nicer than the Target one. No question as to which is the better blazer.

                I bought the pants, too, in matching navy, but returned them. I didn't see myself in the pair as a suit, and I didn't like the pants as much on their own.

                My only beef as that the straight khaki color that first comes up isn't available. I would love that as my lighter-colored jacket, but I'll have to settle for the Merona.



                  @browncow. I don't have a digital camera so no pic. However, the navy blue blazer has a distressed look to it. It isn't a true navy but a 1-2 shades lighter. I do wear the blazer and pants as a suit (with no tie) on a friday at work.

                  One reason why I enjoy it so much is that I tend to dress very well most days at work when most of the other staff tends to dress ... well ... poorly (due to the nature of my position I am expected to be more on the buisness profressional end). The navy blue suit is more relaxed, a little faded and is a nice alternative to what I usually wear but at the same time passes the sniff test of looking professional.

                  As many have have said, the pants lag behind the blazer. I think I spent the same amount of money tailoring the pants as buying them. I'm still glad I bought them, but unless you are looking for a cotton suit, buy the pants elsewhere.



                    Any thoughts on how this one compares to the LL Bean Signature Plain Weave, that is featured on Seems the latter might be a little more sleek, possibly less casual.

                    Anyone have/seen both?



                      @Kinek. I own the plain weave and yes it is a significant step up. I would recommend dropping the extra money to get it. But again, you will need to get some heavy tailoring done.



                        I picked up the twill blazer back a two weeks ago and it is a quality jacket and I like the look of it (got the moss khaki color). However, I'm not too pleased with the fit. Maybe I need to size down as others have suggested here. I'm normally a 42 and this felt boxy. I'm debating on sending it back and getting a size 40 or if I just need to get it tailored. I'd put a pic up if only I could figure out how to attach pics in a post(can you only share links to a photo album?)

                        Also I picked up an Alfani jacket for like $60 and got it in a 42L. The fit isn't bad, though unfortunately has low arm holes. The only thing I'm having trouble with is the length. I have long arms so got a 42L, but the length seems long (like just above mid thigh) even though it passes the finger curl test. Am I just over analyzing or should there be some ratio of arm length to waist position to determine jacket length? Part of the reason why I jumped at the Bean jacket was because of the shorter length and longer sleeves.



                          You can link to images or albums.

                          Sounds like the length of the jacket is alright. Honestly, there's a large acceptable range for the body of a jacket compared to what's okay for sleeves. If you're considering sizing down, the question is whether it fits in the shoulders. Roomy there? Size down. Seam lines up with your true shoulder? Time to tailor the rest.



                            Thanks for the tips! The seams line up with my shoulders so I think it's fine. Maybe I'm just doubting myself because of all the shorter jackets out there.

                            Here's a pic of the LL Bean jacket.


                            I think I'll return it to size down. It's the moss khaki color and the yellow walls don't help the look of the color. It's truer to the way it looks on the website.



                              That looks pretty boxy dude..