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Any ideas as to what shirt I could wear with this sweater?

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    Any ideas as to what shirt I could wear with this sweater?

    My fiancé bought me this wool Donegal cardigan as a gift. Frankly, I am not really a fan of Donegal knits. Though, it fits perfectly and is super warm. The horn buttons are a darker brown in person. Anyway, my fiancé has already hinted to me twice that I have not worn the sweater yet. So, I am going to give it a try. I'd like to wear a button up collared shirt under it. Besides a white collared shirt, what else would match? How about a blue or purple'ish gingham or multi-check shirt? Thanks


    Plaids... the more tartan the better.



      @Jason Carreira: Ahhhh. Thanks. Didn't think of plaids. Maybe something like these.....



        Agreed on plaids. Gingham would also work well. That would be a fairly versatile sweater in terms of what you can layer it over.

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          Ginghmam, tattershal, tartan(not the summery tartan, i think a winter color pallette), wear the cardy with the top two and bottom button undone, i say the top 2 cuz the model looks to formal for some reason with only 1 can even throw in a contrasting ties becasue your working with grey...that cardy is very nice btw...I wouldnt wear the all white bd though...i always feel all white is soo formal...but the just IMO

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            Good advice gents, thanks



              A hairy chest and a smile.



                I think the solid white as you said, or a light blue oxford. Rather Scandinavian/northern appeal to it.



                  No offense to the fiance, but you are right to not wear it. That thing has a pretty hideous M-65 meets grandpa thing going on. Instead of worrying about what to wear under it, I'd make sure I had a coat to wear over it.



                    The model in the pic looks like a dork in it, but I really do think it's the way he's wearing it and not the sweater. Like Max said, undo the top 2 buttons (or heck, maybe even 3), and it'll look more appropriate. I'd love to have some genuine donegal, and this is a good-looking, purposeful cardigan.

                    @JohnPepper: As thick as it is, it's probably going to be an outer layer for most cold weather. Admit it. You're just jealous that your GF didn't give you such a nice gift. ;-)



                      Unfortunately not all Donegal is the same... They should have trademarked it like Harris Tweed did, but they didn't so now you'll see stuff made of artificial fibers made in China called Donegal. Look for Magee Donegal for the real deal.



                        Definitely undo more buttons than that nerdy model. OCBD in light blue or white would be great. Plaids are good. Since it is definitely a sweater of the grandpa variety, you could try something a bit more hip, to aim it into "stylish heritage guy" territory rather than "guy that raided his grandpa's closet."






                        Darker brown pants, shirt number 3, your sweater, and a pair of classic sneakers. T-shirt beneath is optional

                        Slim, dark wash jeans, shirt 1 or 2, brown boots, and your sweater (buttoning optional, if no, it is a jacket)

                        Honestly, it would be hard to go too wrong. Stay away from crazy plaids, since the sweater talks enough on its own. Keep enough contrast between your pants and sweater (I wouldn't wear gray or khaki chinos... hint hint, LEC). Don't button it all the way.