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Dressing for [a] Success[ful Interview]

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    Dressing for [a] Success[ful Interview]

    So I've been sending resumes out like a mad man over the last few days and expect (or at least hope) to get a few call backs in the coming days and weeks.

    It may be putting the proverbial cart before the horse, but I've been thinking really hard about what I should wear for the interview.

    I have pretty much been told by professors, career counselors and employer representatives that the dark (black, navy or charcoal) suit, pale shirt and conservative tie were the standard components of the interview uniform. Of course, these suggestions were given with the assumption that we would be working in the "Wall Street" sector (not literally Wall Street, but in entry level financial analyst, accounting and consultant jobs).

    The jobs I'm interested in are financial analyst positions but they aren't with 'Wall Street' firms. The job I'm most interested in is financial in nature (in the corporate headquarters) but it's for a relatively blue-collar company.

    I've been past the headquarters several times and have never seen anyone in a jacket, much less a suit-and-tie.

    I know they say dress one level above the job you're applying for but it seems (just a gut feeling) that a full suit-and-tie might be too much.

    You think I could get away with a navy blazer, pale solid shirt and conservative tie, pressed khaki chinos and shined dark brown loafers (or maybe oxfords).

    I dont want to overdress but I certainly don't want to under-dress.

    Thanks for the advice in advance.


    The dress code may be lax at the offices at which you've applied, but that doesn't change the fact that you should wear proper interview attire. I recommend a nice navy or charcoal suit.



      when you walk in wearing a navy blazer and chinos, how will you feel when you see another candidate there in his charcoal/navy suit and tie?




        My current job is at a legal and advocacy firm where the lawyers routinely dress sub-business casual. I went to both of my interviews in a suit, tie and freshly shined shoes.

        Moral of the story is that no one ever blew a job interview by showing up in a suit.



          You would blow a job interview in my industry with that.

          I have an interview this week, and I plan to wear a sweater and button down with chinos or jeans because the nature of the work is climbing, pruning, and spraying trees. Totally different ballpark than an office job.



            Wearing a dark solid two-button notch lapel with a professional tie and black shoes would not be overdressing.

            Wearing a light grey peak lapel suit with an overly bright tie in a full windsor knot, walnut shoes, contrast collar shirt, tie bar, cuff links? Now that would be over-dressing and put you into douchebag category.



              Wear a suit. Seriously, just do it. You can bet dollars to donuts that everyone else interviewing for the same job will be wearing a suit. There are some occupations where it would be overdressing to wear a suit to an interview. I promise, finance isn't one of them.




                I work in the Financial Industry...Trust us, wearing a suit is NOT over dressing by any means. TBH you would have to wear a tux to overdress in that environment. Just do what others have mentioned, navy / charcoal suit, black shined shoes, black belt, white shirt and a conservative tie. Tie can be a navy pin dot. At that point, your all set for the environment.



                  Yep you guys are right.

                  A suit it is!



                    Ask the office manager or HR person you'll be in contact with what the dress code is around the office:

                    "I just have a quick question. What's the dress code around the office? I want to make sure I'm dressed appropriately for the interview."

                    Use that to judge. Go one step above the answer.