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    Seersucker options

    The new month is here, and so my budget is resetting. I'm looking for suits, jackets, and shoes to take me into spring and summer. Here are some seersucker pieces I've found on ebay:

    Dirt cheap and interesting w/ green, but dimensions don't seem to match the listed size: =item5642ebbf6c

    J Crew, traditional blue/white, and zero padding, but is it really seersucker?: =item1e6bb268d9

    No-name, but new and could be fun in red/white: =item20c070ea98

    Brook Brothers with a pattern I've not seen before: =item3a70e264e8

    Ideally I'd like something with some color, but I'm drawn to the BB for it's name and it's unusual pattern. Also, some of these say "pincord" or "corded", but that doesn't sound like any real seersucker I know. Is it possible they're just refering to the pattern and not the weave?



    Club Room is Macy's brand



      @JC: Yeah, but that's a generic in my book.

      FWIW, I'm also looking for a tan or light grey, summer-weight suit and a tan summer-weight (preferably linen/cotton) sportcoat.



        I have a tan LL Bean sportcoat and this:



          There are some nice suits on sale on the Brooks Brothers website. Limited sizes though.



            I'm waiting for the Bonobos one to come out again; have some GCs ready this time.



              Anyone ever buy a Club Room jacket? What are they like? There are a few decent looking linen ones for pretty cheap on ebay I have been eying.



                I'm contemplating pulling the trigger on the green 40R Michael Kors jacket in the first link. I would prefer blue or even red, but it's pretty much guaranteed that nobody else will have one in green. The BIN is under $20. Thoughts? I guess, if nothing else, it'll be good for St Paddy's Day. :-P

                EDIT: I keep flip flopping on it.



                  the lapels are ridiculously huge on that jacket.



                    I hadn't noticed since I was so concerned about the material. Well I guess that's one I can strike from the list.