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Dappered lunchbox ideas or tips?

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    Dappered lunchbox ideas or tips?

    Hey all. I bring my lunch to work everyday, and usually shove it all in a plastic grocery bag, or this horrible orange lunch box that my office gave to every single person for christmas. (It looks like this, but orange.)

    My question to you is, what do you all who bring lunch to work use? Classic metal lunch tin? Paper bags (seems wasteful to me).

    Or do you just use your briefcases as a lunch bag.


    I use a grocery bag. Dunno, a lunchbox seems weird to me for a grownup.



      I have a couple of insulated bags (not cubes) in black that I use on the rare occassion that I actually bring my lunch.



        I use grocery bag and put it in my briefcase. Not a fan of the look that I see sometimes where a guy walks around with a briefcase on one hand and one of those insulated cubes on the other.



          I'm in the grocery bag camp. It helps that my lunches usually consist of simple stuff like peanut butter sandwiches and fruit - stuff that isn't going to spoil quickly or easily.

          If you really want something insulated, I looked around on Amazon and these look slightly less awful than most insulated lunch bags.




            Try a leather lunch bag from etsy



              This is pretty awesome:

     _search_query=leather+lunch+bag&ga_view_type=galle ry&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet= handmade

              But $65 for a lunch bag is pretty steep IMO.




                A bit expensive for a lunch bag but nicer than anything else i've seen...




                  @BenR For something not meant to be stylish, that bag is beautiful. Too expensive though.



                    If you're into DIY and have the appropriate tools, it seems like you could make something reasonably similar to that. I know there are patterns out there - my brother and I made virtually identical bags out of regular fabric when our mom was teaching us to sew. All you'd need to do is make one out of a nice sturdy canvas and attach a leather strap closure.




                      I stick my lunch in my bag if I need to bring one. If you need to carry it, I am a fan of the classic American brown bag lunch. It has a classic lure. Not joking.

                      But still. Stash it away if you can.



                        I see your waxed canvas lunchbag and raise you leather!




                          POSSIBLE NEW LUNCH BAG OPTION

                          I was looking for the same thing when this thread was originally posted. I looked at some of the links and really liked the canvas bag, but the price point seemed too high to what it was.

                          I then took it upon myself to e-mail Beckel Canvas Products, and ask them if they would be willing to look into making a lunch bag but at a better price. I showed them this thread and that the market may be out there.

                          Fast forward to today, and I've recieved an e-mail back saying that they will be making a prototype this week and will be sending me pictures with pricing and availiability.



                            Reviving this thread. Here are my issues with carrying my lunch:

                            1. I am on campus for many many hours (sometimes up to 13) per day.

                            2. I eat a lot (read: A LOT). I have many friends much larger than I that eat much, much smaller quantities. Not the healthiest example (I'm typically pretty healthy), but the other day I ate half a pizza and a burger for lunch without blinking an eye.

                            3. Trying to maximize bringing my own food to minimize spending.

                            Thus, I have been carrying around very stylish re-useable grocery type bags (often of the insulated variety) to haul large quantities of food daily. Looking for a stylish and affordable alternative. Perhaps a canvas tote that doesn't look like a purse of some sort.

                            Any thoughts out there?

                            EDIT: In a perfect world it would be $50 or less. If it is on Amazon, I would be willing to go higher as I have a $25 gift card to use.

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              These are dirt cheap and pretty large, but not insulated:

                     e&cagpspn=pla&CAWELAID=1439853935&catargetid=15529 81064&gclid=CMaLzY3YmLMCFayPPAodWjgAmA

                              They advocate personalizing them since they're like a blank slate. Rather than bedazzling one, though, what if you just rubber-stamped your initials onto one like something army-issued? If insulation is a concern, you can always insulate the food BEFORE it goes into the bag.