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How many watches do you own?

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    How many watches do you own?

    I'm thinking about purchasing another watch, and it started me wondering. How many watches does the average person own? How many watches do people on here own?

    I did a search and didn't find any poll relating to this topic, so I thought I'd try one. Cheers.

    PS The comments after the numbers don't mean anything. I was just trying to add a bit of humour to the post.
    0 - it's 2015 who needs a watch? Don't you have a mobile device/phone?
    1 - same watch every day. I don't like surprises
    2 - one watch one day, another the next
    3 - this way no one watch gets jealous
    4 - four because four is my lucky number
    5 - I rotate them through the work week, wear my fav on weekends
    6 - six because is is one more than 5
    7 or more - one for every day of the week.
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    I've got four, I'll probably wind up with about that number after a few swappings. All of them fairly affordable, nothing over $100 yet, though plans for the last couple are up to $150 each.

    Two Seiko 5's
    One Timex Expedition Chrono
    One Timex dress

    Probably going to give the Seiko 5's to my boys and mix in at least one Timex flyback chrono. I've found that I reach for the Expedition Chrono a lot more often then either of the Seikos, setting time in the morning is less fun than I thought...and I use the chrono function a lot more often than I imagined. Plus the Seiko isn't really big enough on me.


      First off... let's get something out in the open. Those who read men's style forums are a breed all their own, a cut above the rest (pun intended), so to speak...

      I have 5,
      dress - bambino white face
      chrono - casio 503d
      dive - blue ray, skx007
      field - timex expedition

      Would add orient millenium, will replace ray with CW trident, modding skx007 hands/crystal...


        Rolex Sub
        Rolex GMT-II
        Two rolex datejusts
        Omega speedy pro
        Waltham vintage mechanical
        Two seiko auto's vintage
        Orient auto
        Braun quartz
        Seiko quartz

        Sold my two movados and a seiko quartz.



          dress - citizen eco-drive black
          pilot - seiko 5 automatic
          field - timex expedition scout
          nato - timex weekender


            I've got exactly seven that I've accumulated over the years. The oldest is my Hamilton, which I got as a HS graduation present some 16-17 years ago. None of them are overly expensive and most of them get regular wear, so, yeah...My black, dirty, gross G-Shock probably gets worn with the most frequency just because it's my gym/workout watch. If you get technical, I've had three of the same model, but two of them were jacked when I was two separate deployments. If, for some reason, you ever find yourself in Iraq and you see a couple of Iraqi policemen (assuming ISIS hasn't gotten them) wearing black G-Shocks, assume they're mine and take them back, thanks. I'll pay return shipping (just kidding).

            Anyways, my lineup:

            1 Hamilton - Khaki Field Quartz
            1 Tissot - PR50 (Not sure which exact model; not on the Tissot site)
            2 Orients - Bambino & Grandeur (which I got for free)
            1 Timex Weekender
            1 Citizen Eco-Drive - Stilleto
            1 Casio G-Shock - Basic, black $50 model. These things can take a beating...
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              Brown leather strap Fossil skeleton automatic.
              Black leather strap Tommy Hilfiger rectangle face quartz.

              Both were gifts from my wife from when I started to wear watches, so they will probably never be replaced. I'll be getting a nylon strap Timex Weekender or similar to wear for when I'm dressed casually, especially in the warmer months. I wear the Fossil every day, but it feels a little dressy for anything less than business casual (it has non-numeral indices and it's two-toned). I've also broken it twice from drops (oops!), so I want to limit its wear to more dressed up situations. I might consider something like a quartz chrono for business casual wear in the near future, so conceivably my collection would look something like this:

              Timex Weekender
              Quartz chrono (probably a Seiko or Casio edifice)
              Fossil with brown dress shoes
              Hilfiger with black dress shoes

              I wouldn't have use for anything much more than that.
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                Hamilton Quartz (Vintage)
                Orient Symphony
                Orient Mako
                March LAB AM1
                Gruen Precision 17 Jewel (Vintage)
                Omikron 21 Rubis Wehrmachtswerk (Vintage)
                Rotary Chronograph (aka poor man's Breitling Navitimer)
                Seiko Auto (Vintage)


                  I'm more of a shoe guy (30+ pairs) than a watch guy, but I've added a few to my collection lately. Here's the list

                  Timex weekender - white face, with jubilee polished metal bracelet purchased off ebay - makes it look a bit like a smaller Shinola Runwell
                  Timex weekender - black face on leather nato strap
                  Orient Ray - black with stainless steel bracelt
                  Orient Bambino - cream face
                  Kenneth Cole black face/black leather strap
                  Kenneth Cole cream face, rectangular case, tab leather strap



                    Dress black leather strap, black face
                    Orient bambino /w cream face, brown strap
                    Citizen ecodrive brown face, brown strap

                    Will probably add a stainless steel at some point within the next year, though it's pretty far down on my wish list - I have 3 but the Bambino gets the vast majority of the usage.


                      I just went on a watch binge. A little embarrassed but whatever. Some guys drop 10 times what I spent on 1 so that is how i justified it. I was trying to tally them up for the poll then realized your numbers only go to 7 so I didn't have to. I have a 10 watch storage box and it is full with some odds and ends floating around my desk drawer

                      1. Orient Blue Mako - this one has some issues so it is on my natos as a beater. Some chips in the bezel insert and the day wheel doesn't work.
                      2. Orient Blue Mako - clean watch on a bracelet, fully functional.
                      3. Seiko SNZH55 - This is the Seiko 5 diver that gets modded to the Fifty Five Fathoms homage.
                      4. Casio AMW330-7AV - this is a serious watch for the $$. I got mine used one bay in great shape for under $20.
                      5. Casio AMW330B-1A - that's how much I liked the Casio too. Got its brother. Never wear it though, too much black for me.
                      6. Sekio SPC079 - big date window, no numbers. Classy.
                      7. Sekio SNDC31 - Cream is the new white.
                      8. Fossil CH2952 - The champange face and panda chronos, I couldn't help it.
                      9. Fossil ME1000 - sentimental value here
                      10. Skagen chrono - no idea on model but sentimental as well.

                      on pillows in the watch case drawers - Timex t49904 and t49939. Impulse buys that I really don't need. For sale too BTW, shameless plug.

                      Flopping around in my parts drawer - HMT Pilot, Timex Weekender, a couple of Kenneth Cole's.


                        I have two, but I don't wear them and the batteries are dead. One is a digital, Casio, I think, with a stainless steel strap. The other is a bolun that I got for free, with a presumably fake suede band. Right now debating between putting new batteries in the Bolun or buying a new one and wearing it.


                          I voted 2 but I do have more:

                          Rolex GMT-II - Daily wear this as it was a wedding gift from my wife
                          Hamilton Khaki Field (wear maybe once a month)

                          Timex - Sits in a bin and I don't wear it anymore so I didn't count it.
                          Garmin 305 - GPS running watch....didn't count


                            I have six but I'd say only 3 or 4 are in any kind of rotation. In order of monthly wrist appearances:

                            Hamilton Jazzmaster
                            Maratac Mid Pilot
                            Casio G-Shock (GW2310FB)
                            Seiko Arctura (SNN243P2, quartz with rubber strap)
                            Victorinox Vintage Infantry Chrono (handsome watch, but I need to replace the battery)
                            Fossil chrono (High school gift, haven't worn it in years)

                            I think I want to get a nice dive watch and then part ways with the bottom 3 on my current list.


                              Originally posted by JBarwick View Post
                              I voted 2 but I do have more:

                              Rolex GMT-II - Daily wear this as it was a wedding gift from my wife
                              Hamilton Khaki Field (wear maybe once a month)

                              Timex - Sits in a bin and I don't wear it anymore so I didn't count it.
                              Garmin 305 - GPS running watch....didn't count
                              nice pair to have