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Jacket unbuttoned while standing

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    Jacket unbuttoned while standing

    I know I can't be the only person here who feels this way.. I just cannot bear to button my blazer/suit jacket while standing. I'm particularly bad about not buttoning sportcoats. I mean really, jeans + sportcoat buttoned seems just over the top and stuffy. It just seems like the unbuttoned look is less.. pretentious.



    I don't like it unbuttoned, but it does bother me to do it all the time, so sometimes I skip it.



      My rule of thumb on this:

      If it looks better buttoned than not, button it.

      If it looks better unbuttoned than not, leave it unbuttoned.



        sportcoats, especially with jeans, i will leave unbuttoned no matter what. The entire intent of that look is "dressed down dressy"

        A suit while at an event that calls for a suit...ill follow the sitting unbuttoned, standing buttoned rules.



          I'm with chern. Everything I have looks better when its buttoned except for a single corded sport coat. Sometimes ill close it up, but I usually just leave of open. It depends entirely on the garment.



            I change my mind on this constantly. Don't ask for my opinion.



              I look at this as a personal preference. But am aware of the sitting/standing unbuttoned/button etiquette. That said I don't like to look pretentious either, so I probably leave mine unbutton more than I should.



                I'm not sure that a person gives off an aura of pretentiousness by buttoning a jacket with buttons...

                I'm not saying I think that "rule" should always be followed, but most sport coats, blazers, etc have a nicer silhouette buttoned, IMO. It's one of those details that, to me, separates a well dressed man and one that knows etiquette. Again, I don't always, and don't think you HAVE to, but I always notice when another guy stands and buttons his jacket.

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                  What @greg_s said... They're cut to have a nice silhouette when buttoned



                    I have to say I, totally notice whenever I see someone promptly button their jacket when they stand up, since so many people ignore that convention. I think it's ok, but I'd probably only leave it unbuttoned in a more casual environment. In any case, I think buttoned while sitting is worse than unbuttoned while standing.



                      In a suit (not casual), definitely button upon standing. Formality dictates following proper etiquette. In a blazer/sportcoat/casual suit, it really depends on where I am. I'd say I usually don't button up immediately upon standing and I leave it unbuttoned quite a bit.



                        I prefer to be buttoned while standing. I (and every other man involved) did get chastised by a mock trial judge once for this - evidently it leaves you "closed off" and "inaccessible" to a jury. Of course, in the mock trial context it's especially annoying because you are standing up and down every three seconds to make objections.




                          Totally agree with the guys using etiquette as the rule. i prefer it buttoned and do button up when i get up, but i am aslo the same guy that used to stand up when my wife would go to the lav while we were in fancy restaurants...the old bogies would always throw me a smile cuz of my old school, needless to say its rather annoying at times so i stopped doing it when the gf became the wife and she doesnt mind...if she did, id continue to stand, but what was i talking about, lol, button while standing looks

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