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    Shoe Help

    I am in need of a new pair of loafer/boat/moc shoes.

    I found these on LL Bean:

    I was also browsing through the DSW sale and found these: &productRef=SEARCH

    Firstly, between those two options, which do you suggest?

    In addition, where else would you suggest me going for boat shoes if you're not a fan of either of the two options listed above? And if you're not a fan, why not? Just trying to get a feel for this...

    Second, I also found these shoes on DSW: moccasin?prodId=232925&productRef=SEARCH

    They are far too expensive (of course), but I REALLY like them. Where can I find something similar to something like that for less money (or, a more reasonable price)? The loafer/moc etc... That is the type of shoe that I really like. (I'm not a big boots kind of a guy).

    As always, thanks so much for your time. I really appreciate it.


    Between the two above, I prefer the LL Bean.



      Both look nice, but I prefer the contrast sole on the LL Bean. Bonus points for no logo branding, one of the big reasons why I don't own any Timberland products.



        @Alan Why do you say that? I kind of like the design of the DSW ones myself...



          My reasoning is the same as TomasR. I prefer more contrast in the sole and the logo is bothersome. I do like the contrast stitching in the Timberland, though. And I like how the eyelets stand out, too.



            @Alan Yeah. I'm torn.

            And what about the rest of my original post? What do you think...?



              Amazon has a pretty huge selection and the prices vary widely across different colors.


              What I did was find the combination I liked best and then narrowed in to find the best price I could. Ended up saving maybe $10 from doing an hour of research so pays off sometimes.



                The LL Beans are the classics there, contrasting soles, the briar or choclate colorway are my faves...the RL are not so appealing to me...and the Tims are a bit boring...

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                  What about if I throw the following options into the mix?:





                  5. (I know this is a totally different type of shoe, but):



                    Personally I like the completely different shoe at the end, just because I'm not really a fan of drivers (a bit clunky for my personal tastes, though I've seen people pull them off flawlessly) and I like the look of those last shoes.



                      Not really a fan of driving type shoes. That sole on the first RL shoe I think is hideous.

                      As far as boat shoes, choose one that *you* like the look of: Sebago Docksides, Sperry Top-Siders, Timberland, L.L. Bean Cascos, whatever. In the end, you're the one wearing it and just wear it with confidence.

                      But look around at other boat shoes to get a taste of what looks better and what doesn't. They aren't a complicated design--stick with something simple, nothing too fancy or outrageous.

                      Like the others, I prefer the contrast sole of the LL Bean shoe. I myself own a Sebago Dockside in brown elk that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for $25.