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Does anyone bike to work?

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    Does anyone bike to work?

    With the warm weather coming, I'm thinking about biking the 5 miles to work. However, our office attire is business casual. Dress shoes/loafers, slacks/chinos, dress shirts/polos/sweaters. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinion on this matter because I don't want to ruin my shoes or clothes on the ride.


    Five miles is a long ways on a city bike. If you're on a proper road bike I think you're asking for a ruined pair of shoes and greasy pant legs.

    Shoes are my biggest concern. I once tried to ride on steel pedals with leather soled loafers and it was a disaster. Feet were slipping off and the pedals chewed up the soles. You might be able to find some rubberized pedals though. It still leaves you with the road grime if the road is wet. I'd bring a second pair in a basket.



      [email protected] in a basket.

      I agree with bdw, I use to ride often, more off-road courses and some street, but it can get messy. I would take change clothes personally. Not sure if I'd put them in a basket per say, but do what you gotta do.



        I bike to work on a semi-regular basis. Being in Florida it gets hot so I almost always bring a shirt to change into at work. Shoes I keep to nothing too expensive, usually leather purcells but sometimes clarks chukkas. Nothing expensive I'd worry about ruining/scuffing.

        Best thing about my bike are the panniers - I bought them as a set but usually only ride with one. I keep my spare clothes/my keys/water bottle/practically everything in there. I use the shoulder strap that came with my briefcase to wear it like a messenger bag, and thats carries my laptop. If need be the panniers have a quick release lever and also has a shoulder strap if I ever need to pop them off and take them with me.



          Panniers are great and Frost River makes some classy looking ones. You can start to look like a "bike guy" if your lugging Ortlieb panniers everywhere though.

          @Tat--Yeah I should clarify. I didn't mean a wicker basket lined with a napkin that you keep your crumpets in. But the cheap chrome front basket that attaches to your front skewer and handlebar is practical and looks good. Great for throwing a small duffel in. VespaMatt from Florida will tell you that the last thing you want on your ride to work is something on your back.



            A couple years ago, I bought my then-girlfriend (now-wife) matching cruisers for us since she wanted to start riding for fun. They both have a built-in rack on the back and a metal mesh basket is front. First thing I did was remove my basket. :-P

            I think we used those bikes exactly once...



              Sean, I used to ride my bike to work every day. As a college instructor, I could wear whatever I wanted, but I still opted for business casual. (Now that I spend my time writing at home, my commute's only about 20 stairs long)

              On clear, dry days, I rode in my work clothes. If rain or hot temps threatened, I'd fold my clothes and put them in panniers hung on a rear rack. The polos, chinos, and sweaters you're describing won't wrinkle if you pack them with care.

              You could also drive one day a week, haul 3-4 outfits with you, and leave them at the office. Just carry the dirty clothes home with you at the end of the day.

              I'd also recommend leaving a toiletry kit at the the office: baby wipes, deodorant, talcum powder, a comb / brush--whatever you need to clean up a bit after the ride.

              Budget for new clothes, however; 10 miles round trip will take a bunch of inches off your waistline pretty damn fast. But your renewed enthusiasm, health, and energy levels will earn you a promotion just as fast, so you'll have plenty of extra coin to spend--to say nothing of the cabbage you'll save on gas.

              Do you have a bike already picked out? I can offer suggestions if you don't.



                I usually bike to work 3 days per week. It's 11 miles each way, and I work in a government building with pretty formal dress. My building has a gym and locker room, so I bring clothes with me and shower/change when I get to work. I pack my stuff in an eagle creek pack-it cube to minimize wrinkles--they don't end up perfect, but they're usually good enough. I leave most of my suit jackets and a pair of black and brown shoes at work so I don't have to worry about carrying those.



                  I do in the summer, when it's not raining. My workplace is very casual (most of us wear a work shirt and work pants or jeans to work), so at least I don't have to carry a suit. My commute isn't very long. I usually do the commute with a t-shirt and change to a dress shirt at work. I leave my shoes there.

                  On the bike, I use those fancy clipless shoes, which are not exactly business approved.



                    thanks for the replies everyone. I'm considering just leaving spare clothes and dress shoes at work.

                    @eobrien - I have a Mercier fixed gear track cycle (left behind by my sister when she moved across the country). I haven't tried riding it to work yet but I'm assuming it should take 5 miles ok