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    @Alan, I've never been to Texas so I might be completely wrong, but isn't the heat "dry heat." I'm asking because here in Chicago (which I'm assuming is similar to Minnesota) the heat plus humidity can become absolutely brutal. Also, how do those BB polos fit? The RL custom fits are the only ones that seem to fit my frame well. Nice silhouette but long enough to feel comfortable.

    @greg, I agree that above 60's is shorts weather, but I think it's more of a freedom thing. I feel so bogged down by the 7 months of cold that I just want to let my legs breathe. Hell, people start opening their pools in May when it's still in the 70's.

    This will be my first summer attempting to dress more like a grown up, so I've been working on my spring/summer wardrobe. I just grabbed a pair of pincord strip shorts from Target. I'm sure they're not the best quality, but they fit well and are a light material. I also grabbed 2 button up gingham shirts to use as beaters when the weather warms up. I sized down and they fit great, but the collar is a little goofy. I also plan on grabbing some low top Chuck's and maybe some boat shoes.



      Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada have dry heat. Not so in Texas since we're right on the gulf. Even inland, it can be pretty miserable. It was even worse where I grew up along the Texas/Mexico border.

      The BB polos fit me true to size. The sleeves are on the longer side. They shrink surprisingly little (or not at all if youre careful with your washing) for being pique.



        To chim in on the seersucker, I own a grey / white seersucker suit. It is amazingly cool. I've worn it in the past to an outdoor wedding, also wear the pants separately with loafers and a polo. Along with the suit, I own a additional pair of seersucker pants which fit into the spring rotation.

        Here is a terrible picture of me wearing the suit last year. The entire suit looks white in the picture, but it does have subtle grey stripes running through it.

        -disregard the really wrinkled looking right arm. I don't know how that happened.



          85 is hot when the humidity is 90% +. Talk about sweat.



            I think west Texas might have more dry heat. East Texas is more like the South.

            When I was growing up in Montana, I don't think I ever felt hot a day in my life. The climate was great. It would get into the 80s and 90s in midsummer, maybe even into the 100s, but with the dry air and the altitude, the temp would always settle back down into the 60s or even the 40s-50s at night. Plus we would get relatively frequent afternoon storms, which would drive the heat right off and bring the temp down into the 60s. For a cold-loving, heat-averse person like me, it was perfect.

            Going to college in Minnesota was the first time I knew real heat misery. Temps in the 80s-90s plus humidity hovering around 95%... absolutely wretched. And the temps would drop to the high 70s at night, if you were lucky. And rain never felt refreshing... just like you were getting drenched in more and more sweat. Plus, unlike some places, air conditioning is still the exception rather than the rule in Minnesota. I spent three summers in Minnesota (two in college and one when I lived in Saint Paul afterward), and I didn't live in an air-conditioned building in any of them. You end up making it work, somehow - putting tinfoil up on south- and west-facing windows, keeping the house closed up until nighttime, sleeping essentially naked with a wet towel draped over yourself and a fan pointed at you, taking serious advantage of the air-conditioned spaces you can actually find.

            The day I moved back West for law school, the temperature in my north-facing Saint Paul attic bedroom was 92┬░. In the morning. I was not sad to leave (for that reason, at least).




              Looks like Brooks Brothers is rolling out their spring line-up. I just got an email this morning showing off their new bags/wallets/etc. Most of it is looking pretty great, though it's (expectably) expensive...




                I have a blue seersucker blazer that I plan on getting tailored so that I wear it more this summer. What color/type of pants can I wear that with?



                  I went to an outdoor summer wedding a couple years ago and I wish I had a seersucker suit to wear to it since it was about 90 degrees out. Instead I had to sweat in my wool suit.



                    @runner: A linen or linen blend suit would work equally well in keeping you cool, and is for a lot of people to pull off. They're definitely day-wear, though (unless you're at the beach).



                      Very true. I did buy a pair of Kenneth Cole linen pants for cheap a couple years ago that I wore in Aruba and they were nice to have. Maybe someday I will get a nice summer suit.



                        Nothing really changes in my wardrobe since Oregon summers are usually mild save for a few days it reaches 90+. Most of us in Portland don't have AC in our homes. Since wearing shorts is a rarity for me, I tend to go loud with embroidered critter shorts.



                          Shorts, chinos, light denim, polos, short-sleeve button downs, v-necks, flip-flops, loafers, and yes the occasional tank-top.



                            @BenR, haha that is one accurate synopsis. If I weren't finally getting AC and if the Twin Cities weren't so damn fantastic, I would flee the temp extremes in a heartbeat.

                            @lax, what shade of blue? I'm assuming the rather light blue that comes to mind when someone says blue seersucker? Is it a solid color jacket?

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              @greg: I can't take a pic of it right now, but it's similar to the blazer this guy is wearing


                              mine might be a slightly lighter shade of blue.



                                @Cannon: What kind and color of shoes are you wearing with the black polo/

                                chinos combo?