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    This Shoe VS. This Shoe



    Those are the two contenders.

    Which one am I going with, and why?

    I like the single "eye" of the first one, as well as the look from the top of the shoe, but I like that the second option is slimmer from the side...

    So, what do you all say?

    Ever appreciative...


    I like the Casco boat shoe... I was about to buy it but stopped because I missed the sale... Gonna wait and see if there's another sale in the next month. I like the slim traditional shape of it more than the other.



      Agree with JC. I prefer the sleeker lines of a traditional boat shoe shape over the more slipper like moccasin. Especially since I have wide feet to start with, the added width of the moccasin tongue makes it look like I've got plates for feet!



        I agree. Not sure what it is, but I like the Casco more.



          You know, while I'm at it, can I ask your opinions on shoes in general? I need help with something...

          Why do I not seem to like most shoes? They all seem bulky, or strangely shaped. The only ones I really like are super simple, and very clean loafers. Not like penny loafers — those are too dressy. I'm talking about — yes, the slightly more trendy — driving loafer. Or something along those lines.

          I figured a boat shoe might be the best way to wear something like that but without it actually being a loafer, but the more I look at it, the more it seems strangely shaped compared to my loafers. I mean, the view from the top just looks like a weird shape. Looking down when I'm wearing the shoes would look weird. Maybe it's just the brand?

          I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

          But I never feel quite as good as I do in something like these:

          What do you all think?



            Gotta embrace the boots and brogues! I should diversify into some boat shoes and loafers, but there's nothing wrong with other shoe types. Just have to experiment with it. =)



              I think it depends on the build. Especially for the settings in which I wear them. Some are just strangely bulky. And the Clarks seem flat out floppy — like a slipper almost.

              I guess the thing is that, like anything else one wears, it's got to "fit" well. I just can't seem to find shoes like that. Like, I've seen some DAMN nice looking chukkas. That fit slim and clean and don't have tons of "extra stuff". But I don't know where to get them...



                Wow, the heel of that shoe you linked (3 posts up) is really ugly in my opinion. From the original question, I like the gray Casco ones the most. A different (but still neutral and easy to wear) color makes you look like you thought about it for a second, rather than following everyone on the boat shoe trend.

                Suggestion for your chukka search: go to zappos and look at their chukkas. They have a lot. See what you like and what you don't like. Buy something close. Here are 407 different pairs to educate you!!/mens-chukka-boots~a



                  bah, link didn't work. you will have to click on chukka yourself