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      I'm in so please feel free to take down my referral link.

      Pieces look nice, but details are annoyingly minimal. There is literally zero information on fit and fabric quality which I can't understand for the life of me given that they're an online only retailer. By far the biggest annoyance though is the "Hunt Club" which you have to join to even purchase certain pieces. Basically, you give them your CC info to join the club and every month they suggest a few pieces of which you select 1-4 to have shipped to you. The shipping is free both ways and you don't pay for the pieces unless you keep them. You're free to return everything if you want to, but who wants to deal with that?

      The only way that's even vaguely convenient for me is if I have the clothes shipped to my office and try them on there since I can just leave any outgoing mail with the front desk. Still, not my idea of convenience and it may be even more annoying for others.

      Personally, I find their whole approach to be rooted in tone-deaf elitism. Let me buy your stuff or just say I'm not good enough for such a privilege.



        Spoke to one of their reps via chat.

        Apparently, there is no obligation to select any of the pieces they select for you. The online description is poorly worded, but I work in communications so I'm probably way too exacting. Still, not crazy about the lack of details on the pieces.

        Criticism somewhat withdrawn.



          Thanks I signed up, heres my referal link!!!!



            Signed up as well.




     there is mine, i need 2 to "cut in line".



                I was really disappointed in Modasuite, so I'm not sure why I should think they can do any better on another site



                  @JC, what happened?

                  "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                    Their stuff was just overpriced and not particularly attractive. I also saw some people had quality issues with stuff they bought there.



                      While I think this kind of Trunk/Hunt Club service serves a need, it's not up the Dappered alley. We've got a group of bargain shoppers on a personal journey to define their own sense of style based on some fundamental guiding principles. To have a website dictate what I should wear flies in the face of that. For some friends of mine, who have money but not time, who need to dress better but have no interest in shopping, and who should have a significant other but don't, this seems perfect.



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                          Just wanted to give a heads up that the new stuff for April just loaded up.

                          They have two types of blazers this month. I picked up the blue "Arland" blazer. I'll see how it looks when I get and post a view.

                          Here's my link if you guys want to sign up.


                          Nothing outrageous, but I thought the blazer seemed like a good deal.



                            Crud, all blazers my size are already sold out.



                              The blazers that Frank and Oat sells are shorter than many women's blazers.



                                I'm a bit pissed I can't seem to order a blazer in my crate, that's the entire reason I signed up. And most of the blazers were sold out in less than an hour! Ridiculous.