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My recent Dillards suit-purchasing experience

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    My recent Dillards suit-purchasing experience

    I've owned two suits from Dillards, but one was bought over a decade ago. This post is about the other one I bought 6 months ago and the follow-up service I've received.

    First off, the guys down there were highly professional. They're incredibly respectful and formal, and they do everything by the book. That being said, they definitely seem to be more used to suiting older men into boxier suits. Also, the guys I worked with really seem to trust the size numbers on the suit's tag (with less regard for how it actually looks on a guy).

    I finally settled on a navy Daniel Cremieux that's a bit boxy for my taste, but a mix of desperation and not having bought a suit in years made me easy to convince. I can probably get it altered, though I haven't yet.

    Anyways, it's a Canadian-made suit that originally listed for $700 and I got it for half off. I would expect a suit like that to be better than average overall with good material and good workmanship - a half step below a Hickey Freeman and better than a typical Banana Republic, J Crew, or something of that nature.

    Well, over about 6 months of use, I found a couple of issues. First, the breast pocket was sewn incorrectly on the inside. I didn't find this out until I put my phone into my pocket and it fell down into the bottom of the suit. Secondly, the pants tore along the seam near the right pocket. The thread just came loose.

    I took the suit back into Dillards. The department manager was on vacation at the time, but I was told he would be given a heads up when he got back and I could come in again in a couple of days. I did that, and sure enough, he was there, and he was already aware of the issue by the time I got there.

    He didn't ask how long ago I bought it (even though I volunteered it had been quite a while). He didn't even care to check the yellow return tag, even though I still had it. He just asked me to identify the problems to him. So I pointed everything out, he went and got a tailoring pad, and wrote everything up. He handed me my stub and said I should be expecting a call on when to pick it back up.

    All in all, the service was superior. It's the kind of service I would expect from a store like Neiman Marcus, but I was a little surprised to see it from Dillards. Maybe it's because I showed up (intentionally) dressed to the nines? Maybe it's because we have more expensive stores in the same mall with crazy-good customer service reputations? Or maybe that's just how they do it at Dillards. I don't know... But I was very satisfied with the way I was treated.


    Interesting Alan. It's nice to hear a positive customer service experience for a change.




      I grew up near you in Bedford (Hurst-Euless-Bedford), and Dillards was a place went to when we needed something nicer than JCP, Sears, etc. North East Mall I believe was the name.

      My mother swore by that store, and still frequents them today.

      Glad to hear they are working it out for you.



        I stopped by again on my lunch break today since I had not heard from their in-house tailor about when to pick the suit back up. When I got there, I was greeted by name, and before I even had the chance to ask, they informed me that it will be ready by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.