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Tailors in northwest or central New Jersey

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    Tailors in northwest or central New Jersey

    Can anyone recommend good and affordable tailors in northwest and central NJ?

    I took a few suits to one that I saw recommended a few times on other forums but have yet to get them back. I'm sure he'll do a good job but the price was a little out of my comfort range. I only had the "standard" adjustments (waist taken in, sleeves slighly shortened, pants hemmed) that people usually have done to suits and seeing some price figures thrown about here and there, I have a feeling I'm paying on the higher end (I know this varies by region, too).

    Anyway, I have some old suits I'd like to have taken in, sleeves shortened, and pants taken in and hemmed. I don't feel like paying as much as what I did at the first tailor, especially since these pants also need to be taken in (if possible), since these suits are older and cheaper but I'd still like to make use of these suits I've worn only once or twice before.

    Any suggestions?