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Trying the Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit 14.5/34

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    Trying the Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit 14.5/34

    I saw this shirt on sale for $44, and I figured I would give it a shot. It's the smallest neck size they make, and here it is on me.

    Looks okay.

    If I lean to the side, we get a bit of a gap.

    As far as the "you should be able to fit two fingers between the neck and your collar" rule, I think I'm still swimming. Is that a valid rule? Should I search for a smaller shirt size? Is custom the only way? HELP!!


    How does it feel after you put a tie on? That adds a bit of bulk around the collar and MIGHT make a difference. (No promises.)



      The collar and sleeve length will shrink a little bit after 4-5 washes.



        keep it, it looks good right now and like Albert said, it will shrink after a couple of washes. Also, if you look at the collar, its a fuller collar and the flaps are elongated so this collar will look amazing under a blazer/sportcoat because it will sit a little higher than the norm collar these days. Also go Alan's idea and try on a tie and tighten it a little, if you notice a lot of bunching around the collar after the tie is secure (but not choking you) then the collar is too large, but i dont see this happening from your pics. hows the shoulders fit?

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



          I can try with a tie.

          For the non-iron BB shirts, all the reviews stressed zero shrinkage, but I'll see what happens.

          The shoulders/sleeves/torso are amazing. So close to the body, I love it. Like getting a hug all day.



            Oh. Didn't know it was non-iron. Then I guess they won't shrink as much or as quickly. I just don't like how the non-irons feel. CARDBOARD SUFFOCATING MY PORES!

            I'm sorry. Had to let it out.



              Yes! Like a cardboard box that I barely squeezed into (with plenty of neck room!).



                Depends on how you're going to wear it. If you're going to wear the shirt with the collar open (i.e. casually), then you'll be absolutely fine, if you're going to wear it buttoned up with a tie, then you'll have to make a judgment call. Sounds as though it fits everywhere else (they're great shirts!), and you got a good deal on it, so I'd vouch for keeping it!



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