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    Since you'll "always wish you had done things differently with the first 2 or 3 suits" (which is something I've heard from many people) doesn't that make the H&M option more viable? Considering the full suit can be had for about $78 (assuming you use the always available 20% off one item) or even less and it will pretty much only need tailoring in the sleeves, isn't that a decent super cheap option? Say for a person who doesn't wear a suit often but needs that option available every once and again.

    I have a few over-sized suits that I feel terrible in now that I've started to pay attention to fit and I am considering going the H&M rout for now. I've also been checking eBay but I feel that getting a super cheap H&M getup would buy me some time. I was also looking at the gap tailored fit charcoal blazer and pants over the weekend when it was on sale. Are there any other options in the extremely cheap temporary stand in range? I don't live near Uniqlo so that's out.

    Edit: I'm also looking at the Indochino Essential Gray, but that is still a little expensive for me at the moment considering how rarely I would have the opportunity to wear it.



      Jcrew, Banana Republic, maybe even Express if you like athletic/tailored fits. Or try any and all regular department stores for more traditional suiting.



        laxattackdog - It has everything to do with what one would consider affordable. If a suit for $379 sounds affordable, I think Indochino is a very valid option. If that's a chunk of change right now, and $78 sounds like a lot but is doable, H&M would be a great choice.

        If you're shopping carefully, spending more is going to get you more, with the thrift exception. But that will cost you time. If you're making $8 or $25 or $50 per hour, that will probably alter how much time you're willing to spend perusing a thrift store.

        My Essential Grey arrived yesterday, and it looks and feels incredible. Some tailoring tweaks to make with the pant and sleeve length, but everything else is just awesome. My brother threatened to steal it, my sister adores it, our nanny said I looked cute, my wife wishes she were home to see me in it...totally worth every penny. =P



          post pics, nicholas! I've been debating trying indochino, but the negative reviews have me scared.