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9D foot in a 10B Shoe

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    9D foot in a 10B Shoe

    So I've had some luck at Nordstrom Rack recently ($25 cashmere psycho bunny scarf, cashmere lined leather gloves for under $20), but today I stood blinking at the shoe rack as I saw a <a>Walnut Player's Wingtip</a> (which is something like a blucher version of a McCallister or Strand). For $100. Looked 'em over and they seemed to be in pretty prime condition.

    I tried them on and they fit fairly well. I decided to buy them without too much thinking because it seemed like a great value that someone could use (if it didn't work for me). At check-out the woman behind the counter noted that they were a mis-labeled. They were actually 10B rather than a 9D. I didn't notice when I had them on, but when I brought them home, I could definitely see that they are long in the toe. I think the narrowness of the foot helps me fit into them OK. I find that if I lace them up tight, my foot is not sliding around. I think I can probably wear them.

    The one question I have is, if I am likely to be putting more wear on the bridge of the foot because my foot is not filling out the toe box? LIke is this an increased chance of creasing? Or would I negate this by putting proper shoe trees in it?

    Sure, I could get whatever wear out of them that I wanted and crease them into the ground at this price, but that seems a waste because these are such well-built shoes. They should last someone 10 years, even if it isn't me.

    So, much ado about nothing? Or am I likely to shorten the lifespan of these shoes by wearing a size too large?


    I would expect the life span to be shortened since the shoes are made with the expectation that they will flex at a particular point depending on the size of the foot that they were made for. I also expect shoe trees will help (sized to the shoes, not to you).