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    ... and as for brown shoes being a dime a dozen like BenR said, that one reason why I currently don't own ANY! I own chili, walnut, and black dress shoes. If I need to dress up, I'll wear the blacks since they're safe. Otherwise, I wear the other two.



      I think I could get away with just about any dress show from AE for work. I'm in a corporate setting but it's business casual (and people get away with much less). My standard dress is slacks, button down, and dress shoes, and I'd venture to say that I'm definitely among the most consistently best dressed (the bar isn't super high).

      As much as I'd love a pair of the cordovan strands, I don't think I can drop that much money at this point. I need to step my way up to that level. That's almost 4x the cost of any of my current dress kicks (plus that's a lot of potential car parts).


      I'm kind of digging your recommendation. I'm still warming up to the idea of dress boots, but I could definitely see myself going for some walnut wingtips or Strands (if I went with Fifth Avenues to begin with) for phase 2.




        I always figured I'd get a darker brown pair of AEs in probably the Fifth Avenue or some other more formal looking style as compared to the Strand. I've been using a couple pairs of Kenneth Cole Regal Kings in black and dark brown as my go-to dress shoes for a little while now, so when I wanted to go that step up, I went with the Strand in walnut to really stand out and switch it up. At some point I am probably going to get a pair of dark brown AEs for the more conventional look while still having the quality/durability.



          Walnut Strands are on the way! I just couldn't get over the sexiness. I'll work on something more conservative down the road (I already have some serviceable ones for the meantime).

          Thanks for the input everyone!