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AE President's day sale

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    AE President's day sale

    Just picked up a pair of Black Hills and a pair of Lombards both in Walnut from the Shoe Bank for $279 total. While there are certainly other deals to be had out there, I thought this was pretty solid. I have the list of 10D's currently available if anyone is interested in me posting.


    Please post, I am an 8, but I wonder what the prices are like



      Starting to wonder if I should have ordered the North Platte as well.

      Norwich Black 220.15

      Norwich Brown 220.15

      Bruce Walnut 198.9

      Fairfax Black 229

      Delray Black 139

      Delray Brown 139

      Delray Chili 139

      Alexandria Black Calf Black 149

      Alexandria Chili Calf Chili 129

      Westchester Black Calf Black 220.15

      Westchester Brown Calf Brown 220.15

      Strand Walnut 220.15

      Westchester Walnut Calf Walnut 220.15

      Westchester Burg Cordovan Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Cody Black 220.15

      Cody Chili 220.15

      Mcclain Walnut Calf Walnut 129

      Mayfair Black 99

      Walton Chili 220.15

      Bradley Black 220.15

      Bradley Chili 220.15

      Bradley Burgundy Cordovan Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Hawthorne Black 149

      Potomac Brown Burnish Brown 129

      Shelton Walnut 220.15

      Clifton Black 199

      Clifton Brown 129

      Clifton Walnut 199

      Clifton Burgundy 199

      Juneau Brogue 129

      Charleston Black Calf Black 149

      Charleston Walnut Calf Walnut 129

      Boston Black Calf Black 159

      New Orleans Walnut 159

      Lasalle Black 139

      Lasalle Chili 139

      Randolph Black 220.15

      Randolph Chili 220.15

      Randolph Burgundy 220.15

      Randolph Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Strawfut Brown/Linen 220.15

      Strawfut Black/Black Mesh 129

      Strawfut Brown/Brown Mesh 129

      Strawfut Brown/Navy Mesh 220.15

      Park Avenue Black 220.15

      Fifth Avenue Black 220.15

      Fifth Avenue Walnut 220.15

      Park Avenue Brown 220.15

      Park Avenue Merlot 220.15

      Hillcrest Black 269

      Hillcrest Walnut 220.15

      Weybridge Brown 259

      Strand Brown 220.15

      Strand Black 220.15

      Mcallister Black 220.15

      Mcallister Merlot 220.15

      Mcallister Walnut 220.15

      Sanford Black Calf Black 220.15

      Sanford Walnut 220.15

      Carlsbad Black 220.15

      Carlsbad Walnut 220.15

      Carlsbad Chili 220.15

      Carlsbad Brown/Linen 155

      Williams Black 354

      Jefferson Black 354

      Hancock Black 354

      Adams Black 354

      Williams Brown 354

      Rush Black 209

      Jefferson Walnut 354

      Rush Walnut 209

      Jefferson Brown 354

      Hancock Burgundy 354

      Adams Burgundy 354

      Hinsdale Black 129

      Garner Black Calf Black 259

      Kenilworth Black 179

      Nathan Black Calf Black 259

      Kenilworth Walnut 179

      Kenilworth Brown 179

      Nathan Walnut Calf Walnut 259

      Kendall Black Patent 99

      Grayson Black 220.15

      Grayson Merlot 220.15

      Grayson Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Manchester Black 259

      Cambridge Black Cordovan 339.15

      Cambridge Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Vernon Black Calf Black 220.15

      Vernon Saddle Brown Calf Brown 220.15

      Mcgraw Black 220.15

      Mcgraw Brown 220.15

      Macneil Black Custom Calf Black 179

      Macneil Walnut Grain Walnut 179

      Macneil Brown Brown 129

      Leeds Black 220.15

      Leeds Burgundy Cordovan 339.15

      Mcgraw Walnut 220.15

      Mcgraw Chocolate 220.15

      Memphis Black Soft Calf Black 149

      Winnetka Brown 129

      Big Sur Brown 186.15

      Wilbert Brown 186.15

      Linwood Tan 214

      Kiowa Brown 186.15

      Black Hills Black 139

      Black Hills Walnut 139

      Mctavish Tan 198.9

      Elgin Tan 198.9

      Berkshire Dark Brown Brown 122

      Berkshire Brown Brown 129

      Mullen Black/Brown 220.15

      Mullen Chili Grain Chili 220.15

      Double Eagle Black/Grey Mesh 220.15

      Double Eagle Brown/Mesh Black/Grey Mesh 220.15

      1 Up Black/Black Nylon 220.15

      1 Up Brown//Black Nylon 220.15

      Fifth Street Black 237.15

      Fifth Street Brown 237.15

      Lubbock Chestnut Chestnut 198.9

      Links Black Grain/Brown Black 198.9

      Steinbok Chili/Black Chili 129

      Ashbury Brown 198.9

      Malvern Brown Grain Brown 220.15

      Malvern Brogue 220.15

      Redan White Grain/Black White/Black 220.15

      Redan White/Chili 220.15

      Redan White/Black 220.15

      Redan White Grain White 279

      Parliament Brown 129

      North Platte Brown 129

      Ashton Black 220.15

      Ashton Chili 220.15

      Lombard Black Calf Black 140

      Lombard Walnut Calf Walnut 140

      Montgomery Black Calf Black 149

      Benton Black 220.15

      Benton Chili 220.15

      Presidio Black Calf Black 140

      Presidio Burgundy Burnished Burgundy 140

      Mctavish Black 198.9

      San Marco Brown Grain Brown 140

      Madison Ave Chocolate Calf Chocolate 229

      Hillsborough Black 140

      Hillsborough Chili 140

      Player's Shoe Black Black 259

      Player White Suede White 220.15

      Player Sand Suede Sand 220.15

      Player's Shoe Walnut Chocolate 220.15

      Player Dark Chocolate Suede Chocolate 220.15

      Player Chocolate Suede Snuff 220.15

      Stowe Black 169.15

      Stowe Burgundy 169.15

      Walden Black 129

      Walden Brown Brown 129

      Walden Burgundy 129

      Naples Chili 159

      Kearney Burg Burnished Burnished Burgundy 110

      Montecito Black 169.15

      Montecito Tan 169.15

      Maxfield Black 149

      Nantucket Brown Brown 49

      Revere Brown 99

      Nashua Black/Brown 126.65

      Nashua Brn Grain/Brown Brown 126.65



        When I'm rich, I'm buying cordovan Strands.



          That makes two of us!



            Been lurking for a while, wanting some fifth avenues in walnut a bit longer, and this thread prompted me to pull the trigger. Called up one of the outlets and ordered. Also got the bombay belt in walnut to match. Will report on the quality.



              Ill be tempted to get those strands if I didnt buy my daltons recently.

              Add me to the list for getting the Cordovan version. I might have to get them if I see them for 329 again.



                What did the belt run? I may need to add one to my order.



                  Think I may return my unworn cole haan air colton's and get a pair of strands..



                    @RHStansbury Haha, in my excitement, I honestly forgot to ask how much the belt was. I'll let you know when I get email confirmation (probably tomorrow).



                      I can hear the McTavishs in natural calling my name.



                        RHStansbury: =D

                        mystix: I see you were paying attention to the last sale too!

                        Sooner or later, I should buy a crapload of AE Neumoks. They look sick. Hope to see a Dappered write-up on them soon - Joe said he was shooting for an in-person with them.



                          Just now seeing the Neumoks, definitely a great looking shoe. The blue is really calling my name.



                            @Nicholas, LOL, I was eyeing it.

                            Good thing someone beat me to that last pair or I wouldve had a hard time to resist.



                              Saw walnut Strands at my local Nordstrom Rack in 7D for $82. Sigh, a width too small for me.