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How do I polish/clean these shoes

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    How do I polish/clean these shoes

    I bought a pair of Mctavish Allen Edmonds. My first pair of Allen Edmonds ever. I absolutely love them. See a pic of them here:

    However, how in the hell should I be polishing/taking care of these things? If you look at them they have some decorative stitching that is done in a sort of darker brown, whereas the leather is black. I'm a afraid of using black shoe polish as it will ruin the look. How should I be polishing these things?


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    I'd say a coat of Lexol, then a coat of neutral Meltonian cream, and buff the toes and heel with some neutral Kiwi polish. If you get scuffs you can get some black Meltonian to give them some color. If you want to get fancy, move up to Saphir Renovateur and Medaille d'Or products.



      You could keep the lace contrast with the neutral cream, but it's not something to get attached to since using a black polish at some point in the future will turn them black.



        On that link you posted there is a question and answer section. Here's the answer from Allen Edmonds customer service;

        "Best answer

        Customer Service

        Thank you for your inquiry.

        I would recommend only using Saddle Soap on the McTavish.

        The wax infused leather gives this shoe the casual look that it was designed for.

        Please feel free to contact us with any further questions."



          Thanks for the answer - I didn't spot it on the AE site, either. I recently picked up some boots with contrast stitching and wondered the same thing!



            I've seen that leather in person. Polish would absolutely ruin the natural distressing that it came with.

            I wouldn't even use Saddle Soap. Just wipe it down every once in a while to keep grime from collecting.



              I'm with Chareth. Even though AE recommends it, I would only use Saddle Soap if they are REALLY dirty. Saddle soap strips away a lot of oils in the leather.

              I like Jason's recommendation to use Lexol cleaner (once in a while) and then Lexol conditioner, or Saphir Renovateur. Saphir neutral creme or Meltonian neutral creme would give a little natural shine to the leather without being overly glossy.



                Ah, it's waxed pull up leather? Wipe it down, buff with a horsehair brush after every wear, and wipe down with Venetian cream if it's looking dry... If you do clean with saddle soap then wipe down with Venetian cream afterward