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Quality of G.H. Bass & Co shoes

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    I see people bemoaning the quality of Bass shoes all the time, and I just don't see it. I've owned Bass shoes since at least since the mid-80s, and I still think they're fine shoes. I tend to be hard on shoes, I'm not super diligent about shoe care, and my feet also just tend to wear them out, and yet Bass shoes tend to hold up longer than other shoes for me. I currently own four pair:

    1. A pair of olive bucks that are now 6 years old, bought at DSW (don't remember the exact model). Other than some slight wear around the top edges of the quarters, that is only visible if you are holding the shoes in your hands and looking at them closely, you'd swear these shoes were new. And they're really comfortable.

    2. A pair of Proctor bucks in oyster (off-white) bought on Amazon that have now been worn for two summer seasons. Granted, I'm only wearing these shoes 4 months out of the year, but they still look like new, and though were at first a bit stiff, have broken in comfortably.

    3. A pair of Hampton leather deck shoes that are 5 years old, bought at a Bass factory outlet store. The insoles fell apart last year, and now the soles are starting to split at the break, but they're still wearable, and I sail, so these shoes have been soaked in saltwater several times, plus worn all year long, especially in the summer in Houston without socks, and they're what I wear when it's raining and I don't want to get other shoes wet. For a shoe to have lasted as long as these have under these conditions is frankly a miracle.

    4. I call them canvas deck shoes, but Bass calls them lace up sneakers (the kind with the rawhide laces and natural canvas upper. I just bought them last weekend, so we'll see how they wear, but considering the durability of the above shoes, I expect great things from them.


      I bought a pair of their leather-soled double monks a few years ago and had to trash them because a hole wore through the sole within six months of wearing them twice a week at most, and they weren't expensive/nice enough to be worth re-soling. Got some suede Meermin double monks (rubber sole) instead and I've had them for almost three years, wearing 2-3 times a week and still going strong.


        They're meh, might last a couple years but will look good while they do.


          I've never bought anything from Bass but it looks like everything is made of Genuine Leather (the lowest quality) so I would only consider them a beater or throw away shoe. If you get them on the cheap and they serve their purpose for a year or two, great.


            I have a pair of canvas sneakers from them. They are still holding up well after a year of regular wear and tear, and I'm certainly not gentle with my shoes.