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    Boat Shoe Substitute

    I'm looking for a nice spring/summer substitute to boat shoes. By boat shoes I mean the Sperry Top-Siders. I don't know what it is, but I just can't get down with these shoes. I think it's because they're too Southern Preppy Frat Boy for me, along with popper collars, croakies and school ties. I need something I can wear sockless with chino shorts and a polo or sport shirt to barbeques, beer gardens and the like. So, I want something casual that can still be dressed up a bit. Typically, I just wear low top Chuck's, but I was hoping to find something different. So, what does everyone use as their goto knock around summer shoe?

    PS, I don't mean any disrespect to boat shoe wearers. It is not necessarily that I don't like how they look. I think it's more about the people I tend to see wearing them.


    Penny loafers? Venetians? FWIW, my boat shoes have old-manish, thick, orthopedic -looking soles. I doubt they'd ever be mistaken for preppy. :-)



      I was in the same predicament and went with these:

      These are the Signature version, but the standard LL Bean version could work fine, too.



        In Alan's vein - I've had my eye on these babies for some time now:


        Gimme that dark brown saddle!



          What about suede bucks?



            I think a pair of bucks would be great for what you're describing. I've been wanting a pair myself.



              Rodney, how's the leather on those shoes?

              I've been looking to get a pair of camp mocs, too. I want some pairs of spring/summer shoes and the boat shoe look is just too overtly preppy for me.

              Started off looking at the LL Beans but then quickly fell into the rabbit hole of Quoddy, Rancourt, Oak Street and Eastland, all of whom offer various colors in Horween Chromexcel. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to spend $250+ on a pair of these shoes.



                I had a hard time getting into the traditional boat shoe look, so I went with a sleek suede moccasin from Timberland.

                My feeling about suede bucks is that they're ok for most purposes but not really suitable for the beach or around water, the way a boat shoe is.

                A dressed-down canvas sneaker could work for you, too. I just thrifted a pair of these yesterday. The ones I got must be an older model so they don't have the navy accents - just a basic, simple canvas shoe with a sleek profile. I'm gonna try out some leather laces to change the look.




                  I've only worn them a handful of times, but I like the leather on these. The standard LL Bean pair looks a little more plasticy, but I bet they wear in nice.

                  This summer I'll put them to the test. They'll alternate with a pair of navy Supergas to get me through the Texas heat, sockless and in style.



                    Loafers > boat shoes imo



                      Yeah, I think loafers and venetians might be too "dressy" for someone of my age to wear with shorts. Maybe a suede version would work. I like Rodney and BenR's suggestions. Something with a more laid back style without looking sloppy.



                        I'm kinda liking these green suede ones from LL Bean:


                        Also, have you tried driving loafers? They're not dressy at all and feel like you're wearing slippers



                          Jason, I really like the look of those too. I guess my perception of casual is different from most members on here. I know thinks like penny loafers and driving loafers are considered casual to most well dressed men, but I'm very influenced by my surroundings. In Chicago, 99% of young 20 something males are going to be wearing a baseball hat, cargo shorts, a t-shirt and gym shoes all summer. I'm not against wearing some leather loafers with chino shorts and an OCBD, but sometimes it does make me feel out of place. I know a big part of dressing well is feeling comfortable in your clothes, and I hate to be "that guy." By the way, does anyone else find it strange that every google images search with "loafers" in it returns pictures of Scott Disick?



                            I don't know who that is, but wear what you feel comfortable in... Just don't let what everyone else is wearing determine what you wear.