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    Snap buttons

    I'd like to ask y'all a favor.

    I have an issue with my hands which prevents me from being able to secure the top button on shirts. I usually just have a friend do it (my best friend is my nextdoor neighbor, so I enlist her). I hate that though; saps me of my independence, and she can't always be there anyway.

    I've had my tailor replace the top button with snap buttons on a couple of my shirts, but all he had available was shiny, metallic stuff that is more attention grabbing than I really want.

    Does anyone know where I could get something more muted, maybe which looks more like a button? The tailor said if I bring him something he'd put it on.


    I don't know a lot about snaps, but what about these? They're small and discrete.

    I guess at the very least, you could show your tailor and see what he thinks. I hope you find something that works for you.



      I'd take a look at a quilt store or a craft store near you. Something like a JoAnn Fabrics. I would think they would have something suitable.




        Could you get a slide hook like on dress pants and just have a decorative button on the front flap?



          So the challenge is having shirts that are both functional (with snaps) and look fine unbuttoned without a tie? That's a really good question.

          If you can't find snaps that do double duty, you could have separate dress shirts with snaps and sport shirts that still have buttons but are shirts that you would never button anyways.



            @Alan: Thanks! I might bring a pic of that in and see what he thinks.

            @Ben: I'm gonna head to a few more craft shops--I've looked before but maybe I'll have luck this time around.

            @JC: I hadn't considered a slide hook! That could work and instead of obviously being a snap it could add a little bit of visual interest. (Maybe?)

            @Nicholas: That's the challenge! And yeah, that's mostly what I've done to begin with, though I do like to go tieless a lot (being in grad school I try to limit my 'to-class' ties to once a week; don't want to be the jerk in a tie around people in jeans, trainers and t-shirts).

            I think I'm going to give particular consideration to the slide hook idea. That sounds like it could work. Thankfully I've got a guy willing to talk to/work with me.



              Now that I think about it, I'm surprised "top button" slide hook shirts aren't a bigger thing.



                I don't mind being that "jerk in a tie" when I'm in class. ;-) I'm in b-school. Its their own fault for not dressing up.



                  @KC Right??

                  @Alan: I see it a lot, people talking about the d-bag overdressed for an occasion. I never get treated that way; I'm friends with everyone in my classes and they know that's just how I roll I wish I could share with you guys the faces I got the time I wore a t-shirt--noone had seen that before.



                    I'm in Saturday morning class, and being that jerk in a tie right now.



                      @MagM let us know how that works out for you... Actually I'd rather have slide hooks as that seems like it would be much easier. Plus with a decorative button on the front it would look just like a regular shirt.



                        Also being that jerk who dinks around on his laptop during class, eh Alan?