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Frank & Oak: Not this target market

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    Frank & Oak: Not this target market

    Read about this new offering by Frank & Oak: n=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29&utm_content= FaceBook

    "A new site called Frank & Oak wants to take the headache out of clothes shopping for men between 20 and 35.

    The site is a new product from men’s clothing company Modasuite (a startup based in Canada and backed by Real Ventures). With Frank & Oak, CEO Ethan Song says the company is aiming at a younger audience (Modasuite’s customer base is more in the 30-45 range), so the clothing is more affordable and the process is simpler.

    Subscribers just go to the Frank & Oak site and enter their clothing preferences. Then, once a month you get an email newsletter with a list of items for sale, curated to your interests — Song compares it to a personalized men’s fashion magazine. (At first, I thought a monthly newsletter didn’t seem frequent enough, but Song says men in their 20s and early 30s don’t want to buy clothes more often than that.) You select up to five items, which are then shipped to you free of charge. The ones you don’t like, or that don’t fit, you send back, and you pay for the ones you keep. The goal, Song says, is to create “the most hassle-free experience I’ve ever had.”"

    Reminds me of the Trunk Club, too. I feel like half the thrill is looking for the clothes! Yeah, I wanna dress well, but I enjoy spending money!


    I'm not sure if people can get in instantly now or if there's a waiting period, but I'd signed up a while ago and got admitted to the site a couple days ago and took a look around. It doesn't have to be like Trunk Club (they call that option Hunt Club). Personally, I'll avoid that because I feel like I'd end up returning 90% of the stuff they send and it'd just be a big hassle.

    I'm intrigued by some of their ties (3 wool styles and 3 flannel, all $25), but like all products on their site, the product pages have extremely limited details (for now at least). It seems they don't even tell you what shirt sizes correspond to - you just enter in some data and they choose for you. I got excited by their tweed blazers for a second - decent looking and $50 - but then I saw the full body shot and they're crazy short. Looks like they're leaning a bit trendy for my taste, but we'll see, I might try a small purchase at some point. They really need more info up about the products, maybe better pictures too.

    If anyone's interested (after that ringing endorsement) and needs an invite code, I believe I have one I could post.



      I'd be interested to check it out myself as this is a Montreal startup and i'm from Montreal... Do you still have that invite code?



        Here's mine:

        I think you still need to find two referrals to become a member though.



          as you wish: