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    Driving Gloves

    So I've been in the market for a good set of driving gloves as long as I can remember, but especially since I saw Drive. I've tried most of the ones I've seen Joe post, but all of them seem to be cut fat in the fingers and for a much larger wrist than mine. Also the leather is usually stiff and super thick ( which sounds good on paper, but for a glove, not so much)

    It may be that I have slender hands, and I know I have slender wrists (6.5"), but I seriously cant be the only one with this problem

    Anybody know of driving gloves that might fit me like a glove?


    EDIT: Just saw that they only have them in XL, sorry.

    I saw these for sale on Nordstrom's website the other day. the price it good.

    Not sure it that's what you are looking for in the fit department though.



      unfortunately, no it doesn't appear to be what I'm looking for. See how the wrist is the same width as the knuckles? I don't know about you, but my hand is not shaped like that

      thanks for the response anyway.



        I got these for myself (as a post-Christmas gift) in the chestnut color. The leather is thin and tight, and is very soft. Even though they're made in China, they're very comfortable and look gorgeous. And as you can see, the wrist is a good fit. I especially love them because although they're driving gloves, they aren't the cliche knuckle hole gloves, so they can actually work as a glove to walk around in.

        The fingers are only slightly big, but you can only ask for so much out of a $50 pair of gloves that aren't tailored to you. The knuckles, palm, and wrist are a nice snug fit. And the leather seems to be wearing in nicely, but I'm eventually going to try and get it to shrink down a tad.

        I highly recommend these gloves. Oh, and if you ever actually use these for 'spirited' driving, they have really good grip on steering wheels.



          BMW makes a nice set of M series driving like a charm too.



            It's hard to fit in them, but if the steering wheel is in the middle finger you've got a chance.



              @Nick: those look about right in terms of fit, but I suppose I am a sucker for the "cliche knuckle hole" look

              @OnlyShawn: I'm not sure what you're trying to say



                Saw this a couple weeks ago.

                Moral of the story: If you like driving gloves on their own merit, by all means go for it. If you like driving gloves because you think you will look as cool as Ryan Gosling did in Drive, you won't. (judging by your original post, I think you'll be alright )



                  Joolander - re: OnlyShawn, if you have to explain the joke about BMWs being in driving gloves, you still won't find the humor in it. ;-)

                  Deke - ohh myy

                  I'm a big fan of just trying on tons of gloves in person. Might be a bit late in the season to get much of a selection though, but you'll probably have plenty of options in the fall.