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Recommendations for Tailor in Chicago

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    Recommendations for Tailor in Chicago

    Does anyone have a tailor they can recommend in the Chicago area? I'm in the midst of a wardrobe upgrade (which brought me to Dappered to begin with) and I have a need for some snipping and sewing.

    First and foremost, I have a tux I'd like to get a little more fitted for an event next month, so I'm looking for someone who is skilled in tailoring suits, not just shirts (I do have a bunch of shirts I'd like to get tailored, so I'd welcome a recommendation here too, but I'm willing to go two places if there's a better value proposition on shirt tailoring).

    I have done research on Styleforum, but every other comment is "Chris Despos is the only tailor who knows anything" followed by "Despos isn't doing alterations anymore." I saw mixed reviews on Paul Chang and generally positive things about The Tailor Shop and the Golden Needle. I did a perusal of Yelp (always taken with a grain of salt) and Gus' Tailor Shop on Ashland seemed to sound legit.

    Anyway, I was wondering if the friendly and knowledgeable folks here had some experiences or recommendations they would be willing to share.


    Well... Chris Despos is my number one too. But he only does alterations for old customers and only if you beg him, so you're out of luck.

    Eric at The Tailor Shop on LaSalle is good, though expensive. Nick at Oak Street Tailors is OK, but cheaper. Actually, there's a good collection of tailors on Oak Street, so you can try them all and see who you like and work with the best.