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When is enough....enough?

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    When is enough....enough?

    I think I've reached the point where I have enough clothes for the next ten years now. Anyone ever feel this way? I know people change sizes easily so let's just take shoes as an example since your feet stay the same unless you develop heart or kidney problems.

    Since finding out about dappered, I've added about 10 pairs of shoes that I can wear on a regular basis that covers an assortment of colors and needs...I imagine these shoes lasting for a few decades since a good amount of them are Allen Edmonds. I can't imagine the need for anymore shoes at this point for a long time, and the desire to add more would feel like adding to a "collection" rather than actual use (although I wouldn't mind having some chocolate suede balamorals/monks and some burgundy wingtips!)

    Anyone else feel this way? This can go for clothing as well and not just many different pant/shirt/blazer combinations can you add before it just becomes too much?


    The question is: "How many can you add before you must build another walk-in closet?"



      I'm running into a similar thing myself. I wouldn't worry too much about having "too much" unless you're going broke buying stuff or have shoes stashed in your kitchen cabinets. I have a hard time ignoring great deals (read: CLADmen), but ultimately a $20 pair of AE shoes you'll never wear is $20 wasted, regardless of the deal. I've found myself in periods of pseudo-withdrawal where I just need to buy something new to get my fix. It's definitely addictive. I almost want to start a spreadsheet tracking how much I wear any given item just to see what I'm paying per wear, but I'm not that far gone.



        Empathize. I retooled the closet 2011-2012, and it has everything I need. I don't live the lifestyle for Mr Porter's 30 essentials - need like 6 of them thusfar.

        And there is a certain dresscode to adhere to as a dad of preschoolers (i.e. mess will happen) and as a hospital worker (dress for commute in, gym, commute to work, change into then out of scrubs, dress for commute home). Suit up for date night ~4-5x per month.

        That said, I have become addicted to LEC, AE, J.Crew, Bonobos sales since coming on Dappered - 30-40% off? 50% off with stacking codes? Awesome!

        Trying to live by the maxim that style is timeless and sales will always be around. Easier said than done - just got the J.Crew spring suit and navy blazer Joe posted about.

        My personal rules are:

        1. If I can't wear it in 2011, don't buy it (i.e. don't buy a piece for the lifestyle I wish I had, like top-shelf AEs).

        2. If its over $100, ask the wife. Besides me, she's the one I am dressing for - and she will openly point out opportunity cost.

        3. Adhere to this list from Joe (especially 1 & 15).

        I think I need to stop reading dappered...



          I've been downsizing my closet for the last few months now. Much of last year was spent deal hunting and finding my style. Consequently, I had a closet that was too full and a rotation of clothes that never rotated because I could literally wear something different every day for more than a month (minus shoes, which would be less than twice a month).

          I feel like I was reaching as far as I could go style-wise and have backed off quite a bit since then (I just can't do sockless or white bucks). I'm still way overdressed everywhere I go in my town but I've adopted a more conservative "uniform" of interchangeable clothes. It was a blast trying to find my style but there was a point where I just had too much.



            I pretty much have everything I need, my purchases are now about replacing when things wear out. I could do with a couple of more sport coats, and a few more pairs of really nice shoes, but they are not a priority. Because they are not a priority I can be very picky and wait for the perfect piece at an unmissable price.

            I think everyone has their own idea of what is too much. I think if you are buying stuff not because it fills a hole in your wardrobe but because you want to buy something new, then it is too much.

            I find my relationship with clothes has changed now I have enough, I am now really excited every day to put a combination of the things I have together. I enjoy reading the style blogs, not for an interest in the things that they sell, but to pick out the looks that I like. I can then use the things in my wardrobe to achieve the things I like about that look.



              First of all... That's loser talk!

              2nd... a $20 pair of Allen Edmonds you never wear isn't a wasted $20, it's a potential profit.

              Seriously though, my closet is pretty full and I've gotten a lot more picky about what I add... I'm trying to stick to the 1 in, 1 out mentality and only going for things I really love. I've spent a lot of time, like Glen, zeroing in on what my style is, and it's starting to crystalize for me. Really I think thrifting helps so much there because you can experiment for so little money and you get to see so many different styles and levels of quality that you really learn what speaks to you and how to spot a well made garment.



                I curse the day I found Dappered. I've been slowly, and expensively, replacing my old crappy wear.

                I think the "too much" is defined by what you do and what you have to wear. Do you have to wear a suit every day? Do you attend a lot of late night social activities? You'll build your wardrobe around those questions.

                As an example: I should wear a suit everyday, but I don't (yet). I do wear dress pants and dress shirts everyday. I currently have blue, black, charcoal, brown(ish) and light gray (flannel) pants. I've ordered another pair of light gray pants because I probably won't wear the flannel in summer. That's 5 pair. I could probably use a pair or two more, but that's just wants, not needs. I own 3 pair of nice shoes (burgundy Johnston & Murphy wingtips, black AE McAllisters and light brown Aston Grey wingtips). Got the J&M at thrift ($65 for the shoes and resoling total) and the AE's off Ebay for $90. They've got some damage, but from $300 to $90... I'll deal with it. Do I need more shoes? Maybe. But again, that falls into wants, not needs.

                I'm married with kids so I don't go out much. I don't have a need for a lot of dressed up casual clothes. I have 3 or 4 nice, casual button downs (but really only wear 2 with any kind of regularity) and 2 pair of 514's. I'd like more, but wouldn't use it enough to justify the purchase.

                You just have to analyze your situation and look at it logically.



                  @JC, was going to make the point about $20 AEs having resale value, but didn't since I'm not in the eBay game for clothing (yet). But you do bring up a good point - if you're up for it, buying just about anything on sale that you know can be flipped for some profit isn't a bad idea. I've occasionally bought great deals on a whim thinking "worst case I would put it on eBay and break even!" It's nice to know you have that out if you change your mind about something



                    Good to see lots of other people here reflecting the same feelings I've been having as well! With 10 pairs of shoes now, I theoretically could wear some pairs less than 52 times a year! This would be such a huge change from before where I wore one pair of shoes 365 days in a year lol.

                    There are "staple" pieces that should be in every wardrobe, and I've got enough of the basics now that I shouldn't need additional clothing for a long long time. I think a lot of us just wanted to learn how to get the basics when we first started reading dappered.



                      The more I buy, the more I realize I don't have. Also, I am continually getting pickier about fit. About half of what I bought 3-4 years ago is being donated. Luckily, I do 80% of my clothes shopping in thrift stores, these days, so expense isn't really a problem.



                        I agree about the benefits of having a full stylish closet of mostly thrifted goods. It makes it feel so much better about impulse buys. Even the Clad and other online deals will set you back more than thrift items.

                        I say that to say that if you're hooking yourself up at Goodwill, it's never "enough!"



                          Acousticfoodie: On a lighter note, I remember some comedian saying that's why men's feet stink: we marinate in the same 2-3 pairs of shoes. Women own 10-30x more pairs, and don't have the chance to get stinky!



                            On the negative side of thrifting, sometimes you don't find what you really need, even if you find a thousand things you want. I have around 10 pairs of boots/shoes, but not a single pair of really dressy brown shoes. My only pair of true dress shoes are black semi-square toed ones I bought 6 years ago (retail) for a wedding.

                            Still can't find a suit that fits me right and isn't too old-fashioned, either. Meaning, baggy pleated pants and big, crazy lapels and shoulder pads.



                              Good read on the topic....or rather, the inverse.