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Allen Edmonds releases new shoes, + sale.

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    Allen Edmonds releases new shoes, + sale.

    Allen Edmonds has released their spring lineup. The catalog may be found at 001

    I like the look of the Broadstreet, Hamptons (to a lesser extent), and the Larchmont (gorgeous!).

    They also have a sale on some of their shoes and boots. Here are my picks from the sale:

    Bayfield in Brown Chromexcel with a rubber sole, $200

    Fifth Street Boot, $200

    Weybridge, black balmoral dress shoe, $200

    Weybridge, chili balmoral dress shoe, $200

    MacNeil, navy longwing, $200


    Does anybody else have trouble with AE's website all the time? Half the time, it just gives up the request and the other half it takes a minute to load. :-P I don't have these problems with other sites.



      Yep, same here. It's been happening for a while for me.



        If the black Weybridge is still on sale in 2 weeks, I may have to give it some honest consideration.

        I also really like the navy MacNeil (never even saw that color before), but I can't make myself pay $200 on shoes that I can't wear with a suit.

        Also liking that Bayfield. I'd be interested if I hadn't recently bought another pair of boots elsewhere.



          I really like that Fifth Street boot... If I hadn't just bought 2 pair of AE's (well, one pair was thrifted and the other bought from a thrifter) then I'd be all over them...



            +1 Fifth Street Boot. If I didn't already have the Dalton in the Dark Brown color, I'd jump on those. I had ordered the Weybridge in Dark Brown back in January and ended up returning them because I wasn't crazy about how the shoe looked with the perforations going up to the throat.



              Maybe I can stop by my local AE store to check it out the Weybridge in person. Do they make anything similar without the perfing going up the sides yet still keeps the medallion?



                Hey guys, I uploaded a copy of the catalog to my Dropbox account since Allen Edmonds' website seems to be on the fritz:

                Allen Edmonds' website times out about half of the time I try to access it. Also, when the website does eventually load there are pictures missing from some of the shoe product pages.

                Alan, check out the new Flatiron in the catalog. It's pretty much what you're asking for.



                  Geez another AE sale!? If I didn't read in business journals that Allen Edmonds is actually making historic profits and expanding to China I might have gotten the impression they were in the red!



                    I'm digging those Neumoks in all the non-suede colors. Beautiful shoes, especially with the contrasting laces.

           UniqueID=6567468&expDataType=CatalogEntryId&langId =-1&catalogId=40000000001




                      Thanks, Acoustic. The flatiron has the medallion, but it's also a blucher. I'm looking for a balmoral.

                      I'm looking through this catalog... The walnut/bone Broadstreet is wicked awesome... And I don't even like specs!



                        There's no Bayfields in 7... darn, darn, darn!



                          I just (Friday, I think it was) ordered a pair of Bayfields from my local AE outlet for $167. Guy at the shop said that's what they were priced at now, while for some reason the seconds were priced higher. Weird.

                          Could have gotten Daltons in seconds for $150, but I really wanted the rubber sole since I'll be mostly wearing them dressed down.



                            I want those Larchmonts:



                              @BenR - I tipped Joe about those Neumoks a week or two ago. He's planning a post about them and perhaps a giveaway. I would love to own one of each! They're gorgeous! Great case of AE reorienting their target market.