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navy wool blazer and cotton blazer

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    navy wool blazer and cotton blazer

    I am in need of a traditional looking, modern fitting navy blue wool blazer and a cotton one. I know LEC has a pretty nice wool one for about $200. I also have been looking at jcrews ludlow blazer thats $365. I dont need a steal but I want quality. I also dont want to spend $1000 on a RL even tho I want to. Please give me your suggestions. Thanks in advance.


    How soon do you need it? Banana Republic has navy cotton/ wool blazers on sale all the time. I just picked up a linen/cotton blend one at the BR outlet store for 60% off, yes 60% off. Originally it was $119, I only paid $50 for it. Made in Egypt and decent quality. Having it tailored tomorrow.

    Just keep an eye out at your local BR/BR outlet/BR online. I'd also suggest never buying a blazer online unless you've already tried that brand on in store first. A 40R at BR may fit differently then a 40R by RL.



      don't say never. Buying clothes, including a blazer, online is ok.. as long as they offer free return shipping (or in-store return with a store local to you). If it fits, you win. If it doesn't, you return for free!

      I do this all the time!

      (Banana has free in-store returns)



        ^ This is true. If you have free return shipping or can return in store then it's all good. I know J. Crew and RL do not always offer this. I also hear LEC has a banging return policy.

        On a side note, I really like the J. Crew Ludlow suit in Italian chino. The wheat color is screaming my name!!



          J. Crew for the navy - absolutely. That blazer is killer.

          For the cotton, check out the Gap's offerings. They currently have a black, light tan, and navy pinstripe for about $100, but there's always sales. Just ordered the light tan for myself the other day. If they don't have your size online, you can call and do a store lookup and have it shipped from a retail store.

          Ignore the reviewers complaining about them being too small - they're just a more tailored fit, something most Gap customers probably aren't used to.

          Best of luck.



            Chris, I'm also in on the search for a decent Navy Blazer. If you find a good one, please share a pic!



              i bought a seriously awesome bluenavy blazer at a thrift store 5 bucks...required nothing, maybe the guy before me was the same build and had similiar tastes...

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