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Job interview tie: texture question and brand recommendations

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    Job interview tie: texture question and brand recommendations

    I have settled on blue, but I have a two part question:

    1) Can I got with a texture (specifically wool and obviously not knit) or is that considered casual/not formal enough? I just think it looks better than silk, but I understand if it's not the best choice.

    2) What brand/retailer do you recommend? None of my current blue ties are the appropriate width or they have patterns. I'm going for 3 inches (3.5 at most) considering that my suit has 3 inch lapels and I am a slender person.

    Caveat: I would rather not go route. Maybe a step or two up from that. Somewhere around $50 but I'd be willing to pay more if I really liked it. Just don't want it to look cheap.


    Just need to know the industry and type of position.

    And if it pays really well, and if I should apply.



      Don't wear a textured tie. For an interview, go with silk and something pretty plain/boring. I would just look around Macy's to something you like.



        Yeah details on the position would help. Otherwise, check out Marshall's. They tend to have some really affordable (~$10) Nautica ties that are appropriate for any interview. I've gotten a dark blue and white pindot and a yellow, blue and white striped one from there.



          Short of a creative position, silk is a safer bet. And safety is where you want to couch yourself. Worth avoiding anything fashion forward. When you're doing the interviewing, bust out the personality! =P



            You will probably want to play things pretty conventional and conservative for a job interview (depending on the nature of the job, of course). You could go with a knit tie, but if you do, stick with a dark, solid color like navy or charcoal grey. Unfortunately I'm not sure where you would find such a thing, especially now that retailers are clearing out their F/W stock and moving in the S/S stuff.




              Ok. I'm gonna go with silk. Thanks for talking me off that ledge. I'm in the legal field, most likely public sector.

              I was thinking about these two from the Clad sale:



              These are ok, right? I'm gonna call today to see if they can tell me how wide they are.



                There is also this one from JV. Not sure if I like the sheen though.




                  Good choices. I would go with the twill only because it seems to be less shiny, but that is only personal preference.

                  I innterviewed for my job a few months ago right out of school. I wore a slim(2.5") wool horizontal stripe tie with a white OCBD. Nothing fancy but clean and modern. I got the job along with the compliment of dressing well from my boss. This was at an engineering firm.



                    I think I am going with the Boss Black twill, but mainly because it is navy and not regular blue. Just called to ask about the width. They answered immediately and said they could get back to me within 24-48 hours. Pretty good customer service for a sinking ship.



                      @jose: Have you considered Nordstrom Rack? I've seen Thomas Pink ties for $40 there. And my local Last Call has Italian makers like Zegna, Isaia and Brioni for $60 on clearance.



                        If you are interviewing for the legal field, dress conversative. Silk, 3 to 3.25 inch width to match your lapels, dark hues such as navy or burgundy, solid or two-color wide-striped.

                        If you want cues, take a look at how lawyers dress for the federal courts.



                          I don't there is a Nordstrom Rack or Last Call here or anywhere close by.



                            I'm on board with Tony. I do think that striped ties look a bit preppy, but there are plenty that would beg to differ. A dotted tie would also work well so long as it's still dark and not busy. If you keep it silk, simple and dark, then it's hard to go wrong.

                            Bummer about not having a Rack or Last Call near you. Every once in a while, Marshalls surprises me. They actually had a Kiton tie in there for $50 that I wanted SO bad (so it's a good thing I didn't have any cash on me at the time).



                              Public sector you'll get away with a lot more, but generally remember that legal folk are overall a very conservative(-dressed) bunch. Generally I'd suggest a pattern, as Alan said, but a class repp stripe could easily work as well (think BB#1 or mini BB#1).