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    AE Dalton Alternative

    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I am looking for, as the thread title would suggest, an alternative to the AE Dalton wingtip boot. Obviously this is a topic Dappered has covered quite a bit. From what I can gather the Urban Outfitters Hawkings McGill (The leather, not suede) is a decent cheap alternative. At $54 dollars at the moment they are hard to argue with. However before I pull the trigger I thought I would ask you guys some questions.

    -Does anyone have these who wouldn't mind posting pictures, not sure how "orange" they are?

    -Are their any other wingtip boots sub $100 dollars that you guys like better? (Preferably lighter brown with no lug sole)

    -Will these work with jeans and a casual buttondown/sweater?

    -Will they look "off" in the springtime?

    Thank you guys for your time and I hope to contribute more soon


    Sounds like you already have read posts on this, but here's a quick way to browse all of the wingtip boots that Dappered reviewed this fall:

    You might like the Florsheim or Dr. Scholl's offerings. I grabbed the Dalton on the factory seconds boot sale for $149 and love them. Tempted to buy the Hawkings McGill for no good reason at all.



      Oops, forgot the no-lug-sole preference. Scratch the Florsheims.

      You can absolutely wear them with jeans and a sweater, tie, or sport coat. They'll be fine for all but the hottest days of the summer. With pants, you can hardly tell they're boots until you sit down.



        I hope I don't offend anyone but I think that those Hawkings McGill boots look terrible...fake looking orange leather. I know you said no lug sole but in the affordable price range, I think the best choices are the Florsheim Hawley and Gaffney. Florsheim has 20% coupon code Next20. I also saw the Ducky Brown for Florsheim Wintip boot on CLAD this morning for $124 after the FEBFAMILY code and they looked great. Those are gone now, but you can keep an eye out for those since some items seem to come back in stock on CLAD.

        I also own the Daltons that I purchased during the sale that NC mentioned and I love them. Maybe AE outlets wil have them on sale again for that price in the near future.



          Chevelle, wait till the next AE boot sale if you can. That will bring the Daltons down to ~$150.



            I just picked up the tan Johnston and Murphy Knowland wingtip ( off of Zappos for $128 on sale. All that's left now is a size 13 so I dunno if that is out for you. Other sites have it in different sizes but it looks like only in the black and chestnut (dark brown) colors. Just another alternative if you want to look hard.



              Hey guys thanks for all the advice. What is the deal with the factory seconds sale? When is it, how does it work, etc. And I like the Jhonston and Murphy for the most part, but I am looking for something lace-up. Thanks again



                I'm curious about the sale too, If I could have Dalton's for even under $200, let alone 150, I'd be all over it.



                  I own the Hawkings McGill wingtip boots. They're a lot more tan that the bad photography online portrays. But you still get what you pay for. The "leather" does not age well (instead of getting softer, it just gets wrinklier) and they're not especially comfortable.

                  That said, while I would never wear them with a suit, they do look nice with jeans. And I've received an unexpected amount of compliments on them. So, for what it's worth...



                    The Dalton retails at $399, but you can buy they every day for $375.

                    The regular outlet price (for factory seconds) is $299. The went on sale 2/7 for $254. The sale before that, $149.

                    The challenge is getting your exact size to be a factory second and on sale...and on the right sale. You might never encounter that. So, it's worth calling to see if it's in stock as a factory second and if you can live with the defect that made it a second. Otherwise, they can be had new during sales for $300.



                      I have the Hawking McGill boots in Suede though.. They fit alright and they're comfortable. However, the soles are loud as f*ck.. was thinking of getting a light layer of rubber added to the bottom ..