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Wal-Mart has Timex Weekender for $25

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    Wal-Mart has Timex Weekender for $25

    Hey everybody,

    I wanted to let you all know that my local Wal-Mart rolled back the Timex Weekender to $25! I'm not sure if every Wal-Mart has the same deal, but it might be worth checking out yourself!

    Also, I wasn't sure which color scheme I wanted so I bought both the nubuck strap/black face and brown strap/cream face.

    I'm thinking about swapping straps and using the nubuck strap with cream face. Any suggestions on doing this? Thanks!


    Eyo, my only comment is that you have good taste. Those watches look great, especially for $25.



      Nice - how is the noise level on these watches? Ones with loud ticking drive me crazy.



        zerostyle, be careful with these watches. I bought one and the ticking in very loud, can be heard at arms length away and greater. It does look nice but I don't wear it as much because of how loud it is. Just my experience.



          As with most basic Timex watches, they tick VERY loud. Personally, I don't find it bothersome while wearing it, even at night since the covers and blankets will mask the noise. But if I'm not wearing it, I make a habit of putting it in a drawer or nightstand at night. You will definitely hear the ticking if you leave it on a desk or on top of your nightstand, especially if there isn't any white noise in your bedroom.

          As to the OP's question about how to switch watch bands - here's a video:

          Personally, I prefer to use a jeweler's flathead screwdriver rather than a springbar tool. I find it just as easy to use and it's more multipurpose than a springbar tool.




            I have two Easy Readers, and if it's anything like them then the noise level is pretty loud if you're in a relatively quiet room (like when I'm trying to sleep); but when I'm in class or even if I'm talking to someone right next to me while wearing it it's hardly noticeable....I'm gonna have to check Wal-Mart though because my Target here didn't have either one of these in stock, really like the nubuck strap one , thanks for the heads up Eyo!



              I don't think the ticking will bother me. As for others around me, TOO BAD!, my watch looks good!

              BenR, Thanks for the tip!

              Pitt_10, I went to Target first and was bummed that they didn't have any in stock. Luckily they didn't!



                Ah, thanks for the feedback. That loud ticking is a huge pet peeve of mine. Guess I'll skip it.



                  Might have to take the plunge on my first adult watch here! Been waiting for the ones at Target to go on sale, but these are cheap enough and look good. Hopefully they'll have them stocked, the only drawback is I'll actually have to go into a Wal-Mart.



                    @Eyo where are you located?



                      @nftmlk Sacramento,CA



                        I'm not too far from you. Bay area.. I'll have to stop by walmart and check. I like the brown leather weekender.

                        For price performance, I can put up with the loud ticking.



                          picked one up. thanks for the tip



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                              Went to my Walmart today. Didn't have the Weekender down to $25, but they did have it at $30. That particular model in the OP was still at $35, though. Love the leather strap, don't love the larger dial. Bought the smaller one with the regular strap at $30.

                              Wore it for a few hours today. Honestly it felt super awkward. I'll try to give it time. Probably will keep it anyway since I'll need a clock for several standardized tests I have to take coming up.