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First Blazer, where should I start?

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    Just an update on this, I got my J Crew Ludlow Blazer via UPS today. Very pleased with my choice. I already have the Tailored Banana Republic Black Suit so I can do a pretty decent side by side comparison with my alternative. The quality of the wool in the Ludlow is definitely a step above. I think it should hold up pretty well for a long time.

    Surprisingly enough, the OTR cut of the Tailored BR Jacket actually conforms more to my mid-body/waist than the Ludlow by a smidgin but that will easily be remedied by my tailor shortly with a little waist suppression. Perhaps the BR cut doesn't expand as much with the upper end of the shoulder sizes as the Ludlow (I'm a 44L)



      For me, the brass/gold buttons take the traditional look a little too far. I thrifted one with shiny gold colored buttons and had my alterations lady replace them with brown plastic ones.