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First Blazer, where should I start?

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    This is a good resource:

    Also this one:

    I'm not a fan of the traditional gold button blazer look, so something that looks like this is what I would get:

    30% off code BRSWEET

    or this cheaper option, but I would change the buttons:

    20% off code FEB



      So I'm in a similar boat, looking for a navy sportcoat/blazer, and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the J Crew Factor Thompson Navy jacket posted above versus the navy LL Bean Signature Twill jacket also above. I fit perfectly into the LLB twill khaki in a 38, but I'm worried that the fading on the navy makes it way too casual for even semi-formal use. Thoughts?



        @BrownCow: Between the two, definitely the J Crew. However, they're both cotton. So while they may be classy, I wouldn't call either of them semi-formal.



          I'm also looking for something currently. I like the Banana Republic Tailored Jacket already mentioned a fair bit. They have a 30% off deal going too right now which makes it even better. I originally ordered their Navy Blazer which was a wool/linen blend but I didn't like the fabric as it seemed like it wouldn't hold up too well over time (already seemed to be shedding a bit, small threads coming off in a few spots).

          What do you guys think of this:

          Definitely a bit pricier but I really like the Ludlow look and I'm pretty positive the fabric quality is better than the Banana alternative just based on what I've read about J Crew's suiting recently. Worth it?

          Just to be clear, I like the more modern style with clean look, aka no gold buttons. I'm a 44L for sizing purposes.



            What's your size? I came across a 38R BB navy blazer a couple of days ago for $10 at a thrift.



              @Ounce, The JCrew one is nicer and better quality/fit.



                If you're thinking of getting a navy blazer, I think starting with an inexpensive or thrifted item will help you narrow down what you like. If you enjoy wearing it and just wish you had an even nicer one, splurge for $200-300 on a Ludlow blazer. But to start with a Ludlow, especially if you haven't even established that you like seeing yourself in a blazer, seems costly.



                  @Tony - I might be interested in that BB blazer.

                  A few questions on it:

                  - 2 button?

                  - notch lapel?

                  - which fit is it? (fitzgerald, milano, etc)... i'm looking for something slim fitting

                  If it's a more modern slim cut I might ask you to pick it up for me!



                    @Ounce, I've got the Banana Republic two-button grey cotton blazer in 36S and 38S. Granted the material is different but I don't like the OTR sizing in either. The 36S feels a little tight in the shoulders and back, the 38S a little too loose. I was at a local BR and tried on a 38S in their tailored line in 100% wool and felt like it fit like the cotton version.

                    I also hit up a local J. Crew store and tried on the Ludlow center-vent jacket version of the one you posted in 36S:

                    The quality and fit was nicer as Juan mentioned. Only the sleeves need to be shortened a little for me.



                      What is everyone's take on brass buttons? IMHO they look good, but only if the blazer is paired with slacks. I think I'd feel weird if I wore them with jeans. Thoughts?



                        @Deke, I don't like brass buttons.



                          I have a hard time calling a blazer a blazer if it doesn't have brass buttons. But you can always just settle it by having with and one without. :-)




                            Haha, I think that's the goal.



                              I have a blazer with brass buttons that are not shiny that I really like. Still a traditional blazer in all respects, but not as in your face.



                                Well I've heard the Thompson from their factory is similar to the Ludlow fit - correct me if I'm wrong though - so maybe check that one out as well and save a lot of money? I'm thinking of going that route myself now.

                                And Alan, what I probably should have said "smart casual" instead of semi-formal. I'm looking for something I can throw over a button down and either jeans or khakis for when I meet with professors.