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Kenneth Cole NY Blazer - Thoughts?

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    Kenneth Cole NY Blazer - Thoughts?

    Morning Dappered Friends.

    I couldn't resist this Kenneth Cole Blazer I found while browsing Overstock.

    I know that it extremely casual, and from the looks of it on the model, it will need to be taken in a bit.

    But for just under $30 shipped, I figured it would at least make for another 'casual/weekend/date night/hanging out with friends' option.

    So what are some thoughts on this blazer? Anyone have any experience with this line before?

    It is a Final Sale, No Returns, so I am hoping for the best.


    My experience with KC is not a good one. I bought a pair of pants that tore down the leg seam the second time I wore them. I took them back for a replacement. When I got the new pants, I inspected the seam. Obvious design flaw. They had one single, thin thread holding the whole thing together. I could separate the seam with the effort of lifting a gallon of milk and could have torn straight through the brand new pair with my bare hands while still standing at the counter.



      @Alan - so what you are saying is do not attempt to grab any milk while wearing the blazer?

      Just kidding.

      It is fully lined, but I may have to give the seams a tug before I wear it out.

      I am not expecting much for $30, but still would like to get my moneys worth.

      If I end up having it taken in a bit, I can always have the tailor inspect the seams/stitching while it is opened up.



        It looks like a utility inspired blazer with the double upper pockets? I suppose it could work as a super casual blazer. Nothing I would grab to run out the door honestly. If I wanted something similar, I'd just go for my utility jackets that have similar styling with the upper pockets.



          @Tat - I would agree, not a running out the door blazer, but something better off in small doses.

          As far as this vs a true utility jacket, would be different occasions for me.

          Thanks for the thoughts.

          Should be here in a few days, then I will know if I just blew $30 (non-returnable), or found a $30 gem (within reason of course).



            I'd wear it unbuttoned because of the higher button stance. Looks casual and sends the message that you don't have to compensate for anything.



              So I received the blazer Friday evening.

              As far as construction goes, it seems pretty sturdy, no loose seams, stitching is consistent, decent build and quality.

              As far as the sizing goes, it is a little tight through the torso.

              Off the tailor we go... for an estimate, if at possible to let it out some. There is available material, but not much.

              The material and details are nice, so if it works out, great... If not, then off to the bay!